"God's Little Treasures" are little children from around the world who Love to: act, cheer, dance, march, play, Praise God, sing and many-many other fun things that young children will do.
We have clearly noticed and seen the great Love for Jesus and how they Worship Him so Lovingly regardless of their surroundings and life style.
Our goal for this page is to capture such events in picture and video from, of these children in their natural daily world and Ministry activities.
Many of these children, (most orphaned), and I have spent many-many hours with live on Skype and other internet avenues to Pray, Laugh, Cry, sing, Share God's Word and many other activities.
These amazing young children are such Awesome Powerful Prayer Warriors that we are dedicating this page to them as their own exclusive “Praise and Worship Ministry" as part of this Ministry. They are our; “Todays - Tomorrow ".
Now do you have such "Prayer Warriors" that you would share with us? Please do, ok?
If you have a picture, a series of pictures or videos, would you Bless the world by sending them to us, for this Ministry?
We check / edit all entries, and request pictures with no or few teens / adults.  This Ministry page is for " 12 years of age and younger", only, please.
These children will exhibit to the world that: “They have their Own Internet World Wide Ministry".......What a Blessing from Above :-)
We ask now that you all join us in Prayer as we place these Young Ministry children to the arms of Jesus and they be Blessed from Our Heavenly Father. That His Blesses their health, life's direction, knowledge, Love, Faith and Dedication to His Kingdom.  That they always  stay on Fire and Grow through His Love as it is poured all over each and every one of these Little Warriors, as they grow to adults.
In Jesus name we Pray, Amen
May You All be richly Blessed



Our hope in sharing the photos of these young children, is to show the world that they are truly a part of God's Blessings as well as being a part of this ministry.  The pictures are the proof of their Love for Him.
Please email all pictures in JPG format - no smaller than 600X800 pixels to:  Cheryl at:  wwjd777@live.com and  myself  Bob at:   bobolynyk@shaw.ca
Thank-you and God Bless ~   Bob Olynyk

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