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Nedia Keel

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Still looking for the perfect gift for Christmas? Here is one you will always cherish: A book about my beloved Christine Schuhmann - Dream Voice, with a CD and many photos, written in English and German. A book, that tells the story of a great singer with an angelic voice. Her life, her work, her love, her sorrows and her joys are presented in this book. The book reads like a novel, a fairy tale and at the same time as memoirs of Christine Schuhmann. The origin of the book is already heavenly nature. At the same time it is thought-provoking and makes you wondering what your mission in this world probably is. The book also includes an audio CD with a selection of songs that shows Christine's diversity in language (8 languages) and musically. By listening to the CD, the read and Christine are alive for a moment. Get this limited edition soon before it's sold out! In North America, the book can be ordered at CHS MusicStar Production, Hermann Schuhmann, email hermann@christineschuhmann.com and in Europe from the Author Susanna Borer in Switzerland, email susanna.borer@gmx.ch.


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