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Father, again we come to You with heavy hearts, with the loss of another Dear Christian Member of our Gospel Music Family. Bill Rumley, (Billious Pond), suddenly left his earthly journey, March 23rd.2013 to perform at Your Table. Bill spoke of this often, saying that he was practicing on earth so he could be good with You. Now Lord, his rehearsals will pay off.
Everyone who met Bill, never forgot him as he expressed his Love for and desire to be with and play for You some day.

His Deep Faith was obvious as he spoke softly, with his awesome unforgettable smile, yet his message was Powerful and well received.
Bill's Celebration of Life Service will be: Tuesday April 2nd. 2013, 10:00 a.m., at Cropo Funeral Home, 1442 Main Street North, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Just as all c.d. sales monies, anyone wishing to donate: Monies will go to: Union Gospel Missions in Winnipeg.
email Prayers to the Family at: jamie@jamierumley.com or Jamie's website: www.jamierumley.com OR to our Prayer Power page here on this site.
Our Hands May Never Touch As One. But Our Hearts Will Never Come Un-done. Thanks for the Great Memories Bill, Save me a chair Partner.
Bob Olynyk, along with Your Gospel website and Gospel Circle Family

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Now to our Prayer Requests


July 1,  2017

Folks, we come to you in Prayer Requests for Two - couples of Long term Christian Gospel Husband and Wife teams who have been forced to retire because of health issues.

Susan and husband John Sr. Wall along with Mary and John Martin both of the Lavenham / Austin , Manitoba, Canada area are all in great need of our Prayer support. Between strokes and cancer all are forced to take required treatments in their need to survive. Between these great personal friends of mine and thousands of other folks they have accumulated over 125 years of singing. Please Pray that their doctors are directed by Our Father's Blessings and that His Will; shall be accepted and understood by all. They have shared the Gospel through their music Ministry to many thousands of folks through out their travels. Bless you guys, for all your Dedicated and Faithful years as God's Servants to His Will and Happiness.

Bob Olynyk


January 22,  2017

Father, we come to you this the second day after the great U S A election. We come to You with excited hearts, like a child with a new toy. We stand before You with Our Love for You and with our humble Prayer for the people, the land and the new leaders of the United States of America, as a whole.
Lord, we know that Only You are a Mighty and Sovereign God and we hold none other above You being.  You are the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, the Alpha and the Omega, there is no other, but You. Only You can hold back a raging river, stop the hurricane force winds or simple move mountains, all while holding a baby in your arms - wiping away its tears.
Many great multitudes of people feel that You have Placed Your Hand on this country, its people and the new leaders. It is felt that You Will in every which way, open the flood-gates of huge Blessings like none before. You Will aim, direct and share Personally, as each and every man, woman and child will be lifted up by your Glory.  Many people across the land Lord, now have an assurance of safety to come to You in Prayer without the past fear of being condemned in any way.
Speaking to and sharing with thousands of people as I have been doing in my travels, Lord, has Blessed me personally.  I personally “see and feel “them open up - Wow. Soon, All will be able to sing, Pray, dance, feast and Share You openly once again.  This was usually the first comment with the great majority of people was that of no fear of life in general.
Thank-you Father for Your sacrifice to us many years ago, as now will be a huge Blessed Payback of Respect and Love back to You.
 We also Pray that the negative people, soon realize that it is You they must go against - Not man.
For this Prayer request and for all the Daily Blessings You pour down on us; we thank You, we Love You and we will follow You thru Your Son Jesus. 

Bob  Olynyk                    


Dec. 05, 2016.

Father, we come to You this day with some shocking and sad news, as a very dear friend of ours, Maggie Jacks, of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has been diagnosed and confirmed to have terminal cancer.
A firm Believer , Follower and Christian gal, Maggie needs our Prayer and support along with her sister, who is now caring for Maggie.
I further Pray that You Bless her daughter and family as they suffer during this time with Maggie.
We ask Father that you intervene immediately Father and because Only You can Heal, Only you can take care of this our dear friend Maggie and take her  into Your arms.  Then we ask, You Bless her with Your Loving Mercy and Grace. Father, be it Your Will -we Pray that You heal her of all of satan's evil. Cleanse out her entire body and start anew.  We Love and Thank-you Father for Who You are -  What you are, the Alpha and the Omega - the Beginning and the End. The Author of Our Life Book and the Blessing to us all through  Your  Son- Jesus.  This ask and we Pray this through Our Savior -Jesus.  Amen  
Bob Olynyk.......close friend to Maggie

May 08 th. 2016

Heavenly Father, as the world has seen and watches in horror,  on every news release of the worlds media, the  raging and out of control; forest fires which are destroying the northern province of Alberta, Canada and now because of the high winds have moved into the neighbouring  province of Saskatchewan, to the east.
Close to 100,000, people, some who I know personally have lost everything they own in order to flee the raging inferno. Extrealmy dry conditions and high winds have fed these fires for a week now. Although five people have lost their lives because of this disaster, everyone is thankful that there has not been a larger number of causalities as could have been the case.
Father, it is now our urgent Prayer, that you open the skies to the much needed rain and to stop the high winds. To completely flood out these deadly threats of everyone in that land.  We know that if this be of Your Will, it shall be done.
Thank-you Father for not having more loss of lives and that those who are affected in any way are cared for by Your Grace. Our thoughts and Prayers go to the families who have lost their precious loved ones, as they will be remembered by all.
We Pray this to You Our Father, through your Son Jesus.   Amen.

I salute you respondents and volunteering folks,  one and all, as with respect and thanks to all of you who are helping these folks, in any way.
To the millions of dollars pouring in from all over the world...the food, the giving of free lodgings in motels, churches, schools, mosques, houses, garages, camper trailers, where ever people can sleep in reasonable comfort, a shelter is being given. Bless you richly.



April  25th. 2016

Father, we have just received word from Europe, that Tim's father, Haig  Mosditchan,  from  Cyprus Larnach,  in Europe, has the final stage cancer in his throat.  Doctors have so far removed part of his throat and are not sure if all the cancerous cells have been removed.  Father, it is now our urgent Prayer that You, who are the Creator of all, step in and remove all foreign cells that will harm this man's body. As the Only Doctor and Healer of all and to all, we Pray that Your Will shall be done. We Pray that all pain and suffering be stopped, immediately and that a complete body cleansing be done in Jesus name. Yes, in the Name of Your Son Jesus, we thank-you Father for allowing us to live with Your Son  in our in our lives and in hearts, allowing us to openly Pray  and be able to come to You with every one of our needs.
God is with you Haig and with your family, Amen. Keep Prayer in your hearts, Jesus in your heart, God's  Table in your future and God Will answer All your Prayers through your true Faith.......Now, watch Our Father do His works of Love,......Amen,...  Thanks Tim for sharing.......Be Blessed

Bob  Olynyk   for  Tim's Dad and the family

April 17, 2016

Father we have just received a message from Nedia in Huntsville, Alabama.US. Her Mom in Nashville Tennessee, has stage four cancer and treatments will be suspended. Nedia and her husband Larry are on their way to be with her. Father, we Pray that You send down your angels of Your Healing Love and remove every tainted seed of poison cell that Satan has planted. We also Pray for safe travel for all. Thank You Father for who You are. The Alpha and the Omega. The Creator and Healer of all. We thank You Father as we give You all the Glory. This we Pray to You through Your Son, Jesus. Bob Olynyk.


Feb. 25th. 2016

Just a few days ago, our  combined Mixed Traveler and  " SnowBird" group had one of many of our fellowship dinner evenings out.
During this evening, we all shared the passing of  fellow  neighbour camper Wane who had just passed away a couple days prior.
Now, early this morning, I received a phone call that another fellow neighbour camper, John suddenly passed during the night.
John and Nancy, made their all season home at Lakemont Ridge Park, Frostproof, Florida.
We ask now that you all keep Nancy in your Prayers and that as she is now being visited by close friends,  You touch her Father and Bless her with Your comforting Love.
Nancy well knows that You are near Father and she will be  Blessed.
We Pray that Your Loving Arms wrapped around Nancy along with us her friends will comfort both her and Wiloe, Wane's widow together as we have two women who really need support.  Bless them both as only You can Father. We thank-you and Pray through Our Savoir, Your Son, Jesus.

Bob Olynyk,....... Entered for Nancy


Feb. 5th. 2016

Just last evening, in Joyce's church in Lake Alfred , Florida, U S A , we all held a Prayer time for Joyce's ill Mother, who was in the intensive care in an  Marion, Indiana,  U S A
About four hours after our Prayer session, Joyce's Mom, Ella, passed away peacefully at the beautiful age of ninety one years .
Father, it is now our Prayer Request that, as we all well know, Ella is relaxing along side you at the supper table, the Family needs Your Blessings of strength to completely release their Loved One from her earthly life.  We ask for Prayer support for, Joyce, Chris,  Joe, Jane, Naomi and Paul.
May all the Treasured Moments of the past now be the Treasured Memories and Stronghold times, in the future. May Your Love and Grace flow over each and everyone during this time and in times to come.
Only You Father, can heal such feelings of loss or loneliness within one's heart, when a Loved One passes on.
We thank-you Father for Who You are and the pain and loses You have suffered to give us the opportunity of real Everlasting Life, through Your Son, Jesus.
It is through Jesus we Pray to You and say, Amen.

On behalf of the family:  Bob Olynyk   


Jan.  27th. /16

Father  once  again  we  come  to  you  in  Urgent"  Prayer request.
Father,  we  just  found out,  that our  dear  friend, Wane has cancer.  His  wife  Willoe, needs  support  to  hold  strong.
These folks  reside  in  the  hills  of  West  Virginia, and are in need of need immediate Prayer.
You know these fine folks Lord as they have both walked and lived within you most of their lives..
We all know, understand and will accept the fact that "Your Will be Done".  We just ask that Wane does not suffer.
As You are the Only Real Healer,  we call upon You to comfort Wane and Willoe at this time in life.
Thank-You Father for always being there at all times and for needs.  Our Prayer thru our Faith respect and accept Your daily Blessings to us all.
These Prayers we ask of you we ask in the name of  Jesus.
Amen,......Bob Olynyk  


Oct. 27th. /15.

Father, we  come to you once again in Prayer, as we are in daily contact with our Missionary  people, Evangelists friends and many other servants of God in many foreign lands.
These awesome people are dedicated to doing God's work all over the world with some laying their lives on the line in many ways.
Currently, we have to deal with a powerful earth quake which has hit Pakistan killing thousands of people.
We have yet to be in contact with all of our  contacts. Those whom I have personally  been  able to  contact are ok with some losing their family home but are thankful to God as they have survived.  Many had basically  nothing and now have even less but are living on complete Faith and Your Blessings.
It is now Father that we ask for your Blessings, not only  for these people who are so  hard hit but for everyone who  follows and has placed themselves in Your hands.
Even though  some have lost everything material,  they make it well  known that "they have You". This is such an awesome thing; to  see and  hear people Praising you as they stand  in shock surrounded by total destruction.
We Pray with then as they try to put a new life together with their strong fortitude planted with their hearts, souls and spirits.
Thank-you Father for all your Blessings bestowed upon us all.
In Jesus name we Pray,......as we all say together:  "Amen".

Bob Olynyk                         



Summer 2015

Have you sung “Jesus loves me?   During difficult times we want to be in Jesus’ lap and let Him hold us until the storm is over.     

In January 2013, I began having health issues.  I saw many specialists and nothing could be found.  In November 2013, I hemorrhaged; had a biopsy; and, was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  A complete hysterectomy was performed.  In the recovery room I was told that it appeared the tumor had been contained.  After the pathology review and a visit with the oncologist, we were told that the cancer had not been contained; it was more advanced; and, chemo and radiation would be required.  I fell apart emotionally.  That’s where this testimony truly begins.

A friend from work gave me a book on the healing powers of God.  Through the book, I was reminded that the Lord’s Word is alive and that He is the same today as He was yesterday. I could believe God for my healing and fight for it or I could give up.  I knew I could not waste time, so started clinging to Proverbs: 4:20 – 22:

My son, give attention to my words, incline your ears to my sayings:  Do not let them depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart; for they are life to those who find them, and health to all their flesh.”

I felt that my healing depended on keeping the Word of God in my heart and mind.  I understood that to say one thing and to believe another was being double minded and in James we are told that a double-minded man receives nothing from God.

I was ready to receive healing but the Holy Spirit said I had to forgive others.  I had people in my life that I was hanging on to unforgiveness toward.  I knew that forgiveness is a decision, not an emotion so I had to pray and ask the Lord to help me make the decision to forgive. 

The Holy Spirit told me a second step was required.  I had argued with the Lord that I contributed to the Lord’s work; other organizations and helped family and in my own way I felt I was tithing.

I read Malachi 3  “Will a man rob God?”  Yet you have robbed Me!  But I asked, ‘In what way have I robbed you, Lord?’  And the Lord answered, “In tithes and offerings.  You are cursed with a curse, for you have robbed Me and even this whole nation.  Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in the Lord’s house, and try Me now in this,” says the Lord of hosts, “if I will not open for you,  the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough for you to receive it.” 

I calculated 10% of my gross pay and decided to always give God what is His.  

The treatments began in a “sandwich protocol”.  Three chemo’s; 25 radiations; and, ending with three chemos.  When the chemos started, I was again attacked by fear. I would say out loud, “Fear, in the name of Jesus, get away from me.  I belong to the King and I serve Him.  I will not die but live and declare the works of the Lord.”   (Psalm 118:17).

I also spoke to the cancer aloud.  “Cancer, I command you in the name of Jesus, to leave my body.”  Why?  Remember when Jesus walked the earth He spoke to fevers, storms, and evil spirits.   We are made in His image and He instructed us to be like Him.  Matthew 18:18 states “I tell you the truth, whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven, and whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven.”  

Over the past years, medical research has proven that people of faith are usually more positive and heal faster.  Too many times, people are waiting for God to heal them when, He already has done it.  On the cross Jesus redeemed us from the entire curse that includes our sins and sickness.  First Peter 2:24 tells us that “by Jesus’ stripes, we are healed”.  All of us have had loved ones that we have prayed for healing and the Lord answered our prayers in a different way.  We need to always pray, believe for the miracle, and to remember that God sees the full picture and knows what is best for us.

I was anointed at church, as commanded in James 5 “Is anyone among you sick?  Let him call the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.  And, the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up.  And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.”

If you are in the midst of any challenge (physical, emotional, financial, etc.), I urge you to believe; have faith; and, stay committed to the scriptures.

The treatments are over; the CT scans have verified I am cancer free; and, my life will never be the same.   I realize more than ever that we are in this world to love and serve God and to be His hands and feet.

I leave you with two requests as Jack comes forward to conclude our sharing.   Periodic CT scans will be scheduled.  I am claiming they will continue to be clear, however, your prayers to cover me will be appreciated.  And, since we know that we are the hands and feet of Jesus, will you serve Him with us and claim 2 Chronicles 7:14  “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Donna R. Brown


July 19, 2015

Thank you to everyone over the last few months who have lifted up our family in prayer. My leg is getting stronger and the physiotherapy is helping. Friday morning I had the latest x-ray and I am thrilled to report that the bone is completely healed! I will need a removal of one of the pins once I get back home from tour. Although I still have tissue damage, I am confident that time and physio will do the trick!  Now, I still experience aching and swelling but I get stronger every day.
As of Friday our family was on the road again singing at Gospel festivals. We would ask for prayer for travelling mercies. In addition, I would ask for prayer for wisdom, travelling mercies and great health as we leave for a gospel music tour and mission trip to Mexico.

There have been many things planned and doors have been blown wide open for us in Mexico. All activities were made possible by the donations of fans, friends and family. All proceeds from every concert, every painting and gift from November until today has being committed to make this tour possible. God, in HIS goodness has clearly demonstrated to us HIS faithfulness.

Some of the many things on the schedule...
-Larry, Matt, Hannah and I will bring a feeding program and VBS to a local church. Expected:300+ (Feeding program=we provide a hot meal)
-Larry, Matt, Hannah and I will bring a feeding program and VBS to 2 orphanages Expected: 60 children + 40 adults at each place
-I will paint live while the preaching in Spanish goes on (during children's ministry services). Please pray that I will be anointed as I paint. In addition, we will do another feeding program for 300+.
-Matt, Hannah and I will be doing 3 gospel concerts while Larry faithfully do the sound and AV. Expected:1500+ people/concert. Please pray for continuity, as we will be using local Christian musicians instead of taking the band. Language and style may be a factor  :)
-We will also visit 3 different churches to work with local believers on their worship teams...I will also be singing in English as well as Spanish. Thank you to my friend Marisol for getting me ready to sing in Spanish.
-I will have the privilege to preach and sing in the women's prisons. The clearance is finalized for this! PTL!
-In addition, I will be speaking to local women's groups. I confess feeling very inadequate but I am willing to be used for HIM. 
-The evening we arrive, I will be participating in a wedding there. In addition to music, Hannah and I are decorating the cake (no pressure) and the whole family are helping with the decore. No, we don't know the couple. :)
-We are still awaiting my clearance to go to a girls home for trafficked girls. The clearance takes time...so we shall see. Leaving that with HIM!

There are many more things planned that escape me right now.  Once we get back, we look forward to sharing with you all that the LORD has taught us! Thank you to all the people who donated stuff to take with us for the orphanages!

PS...if you are interested in supporting the work you can go to www.yugo.org    attention:RECOVERY MINISTRY

Nancy Unsworth
International Gospel Recording Artist, Songwriter,
Author, Artist, Mentor & Inspirational Speaker, available on iTunes, YouTube & in select stores in Canada & the USAOn radio stations worldwide including Canada, USA, Africa, Vietnam & Australia. Now available on SLACKER Radio! www.nancyunsworth.com


July 8th. 2015

Folks, today again is another sad day that I write and ask for Huge numbers for Prayer supports, for Ryan and Arlene's families.
This request carries a “few things “of life's uncertain timing and events.
Firstly, it was not that long ago that Ryan's son Chad, (21 yrs.),  suddenly passed away, in the U S A  where on a national team there, he showed great promise towards an awesome hockey career ahead of him.
Yet again, my neighbor Ryan, residing in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, just lost his lifelong loving best friend and partnerArlene," R "...as she was tagged. Arlene was  43 yrs. young.

1972 - 2015 Arlene Habkirk

"R" suddenly passed, peacefully at their home, just recently. Her first Celebration of Life service last evening,  here in town was a completely glowing, love filled, cheery, warm  service, which was in every which way, HER !   What a Blessing it was to attend and share one's beautiful past earthly life.
Her second service will be July 11th. / 15, at Lethbridge , Alberta, Canada as she was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and burial will follow  there. Both "R's" parents are Pastors.

The next Prayer request is for Ryan, his Mom, and their family.  This Urgent Prayer request is for his Mom Angela, who works for the hydro company as a meter reader up in norther Manitoba. Just recently she was vicariously attacked by two big dogs and viciously and severely  mauled in the merciless wild  attack. .
She is in a Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, hospital in serious but somewhat stable condition with "major body shock" as there are large pieces of flesh tore and missing.
She is holding on by the strength of Faith, Prayer and the will to life.
Folks, these two families have all they can handle on their plate. They need us and we all need Our Father God, Now..
We ask for your Pray support for both families,  their supportive friends who have gathered  to share the grief, directors caring for "R", the doctors and  caregivers for Ryan's  Mom, along with anyone who can comfort these folks.
We know well that our God is an Awesome Father, The Alpha and The Omega,  who hears all Prayer and answers to His Will.
Let us now Call upon Him in our time of yet another need of support and understanding.
Through His Son Jesus, we now await His Blessings upon our Prayers.
Bob Olynyk.....With respect to: Ryan and Arlene’s,”R's" families, parents, Glen, Sandie, children, Jayden, Taylor, Jordyn, Sister Laurie and their families.
Now may the Personal Loving Moments and now Everlasting Treasured Memories rooted deep within each loving and receiving heart glow and Radiate, "R's" Love, Always and Forever to all.
The "Spirit Lives On". Thank-you Father for all Your Blessed Gifts that we receive". Amen
Note: A Trust Fund has been set up for the children: e-transfers: castellichildren@gmail.com OR at any:  T D CANADA TRUST trans. # 01779  A/C # 6501530


June 16th./15.  I had the true pleasure of meeting a Christian man and his dog, on a mission quest for people in general.
It is my Prayer and I ask for your support, to pray for the travel safety as this man walks half way through Canada, for "us all".
Robin Edgar-Haworth and his dog Koda, and I spoke on how Our Father Above is so hurting on what is happening down below. "Let Us make the wrong-right".
Father we Prayed this morning for safety, wisdom, guidance, wisdom and for all the right ears to hear this quest of great need for all.
To see the details of this journey here is the information needed: www.patreon.com/rightthewrong      or       www.facebook.com/rightthewrong2015
We are looking at this Prayer request in a Christian manner, as Our Heavenly Father is not pleased nor happy with the wrongs being done by man and is hurting so.
Thank-you and Blessings to all.
Bob Olynyk

June 16th. /15. As my sister Judy and brother-in-law Jerry, board a morning WestJet flight from their home province of Manitoba, destined to our nations capital of Ottawa where a team of highly professional cardiologists await him. This may be  Jerry's last flight.
He is scheduled for a heart procedure, on Tuesday, June 23rd./15.  Although it has been "positively confirmed" that he needs a "new heart", this temporary  procedure will take place instead, for now.   Sam's (a k a Jerry's), heart issues go back over 40 years. In this everyday crucial time frame, his strong will to fight and survive plus Prayers from many have kept him going. Again, at this critical time. we ask that your Prayers be extended for this great guy. We ask that Our Father guide and touch every one of the caregivers, doctors and to give strength of mind and will both to Jerry and sister Judy, (retired nurse), as again they go through yet another time of pressure.  Only You Father know the outcome of Jerry's life cycle. We Love You Father and Pray that Your Love and Grace will carry us all through this time.
Thank-you Father, as we Pray through the Powerful Name of Jesus, Your Son, Who gave His All for Us.  Amen

Bob Olynyk

Nov. 29th. 2014

Over thirty years ago, my brother in-law Jerry suffered a major cardiac arrest and required an immediate major heart by-pass procedure.
At the time this operation was to last about ten years.
Having come from a family with heart and cholesterol problems Jerry, a registered psychiatric nurse  tried to go back to his supervisory position starting gradually, but that did not work out. He was placed on full medical leave for the rest of his days.
It was after this time, about twenty eight years ago that my sister Judy got her nursing ticket to care for him as well as her home care clients.
Over the years, they have had many-many oh so many rough roads traveled with the "two" major problems, being his cholesterol and heart. Judy being an awesome wife, friend and caregiver kept a constant and precise  monitoring of Jerry's ever day activity, his attitude, his diet, and the strict medication schedule.  It is this along with constant communication with his chosen medical team, that kept him alive.
Like everything in life, things change.
Like family, they have had one of Canada's top medical teams at their side for all these years. They have fought through it all and were winning but the heart is now on its last stand. Word was just given that nothing can be done except replace the heart with no time to spare. Now it is by the hour.
Father, we come to You in Prayer and ask that You surround us the family. To ease the pains, the suffering, the stress and up lift the Spirits of especially my sister, their children and my brother-in Law, Jerry, who took it upon himself to do something that he has "never" done before, in his life.
Today, he personally called family members, himself to inform them of his critical health and that things will be what they may.
Father, I personally Pray that you touch both my sister and Jerry this night and place it with in their hearts to surrender to you.
I know Judy is being drawn closer to You each day but now time is too crucial.  They Both need You now as well as Chris and Angie, their children. We all reside in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.
Only You Father can heal Jerry's body as well as draw them closer than I have been able to. We Love You Father and now accept Your Will.
Thank-you Father, for Who You are and how You constantly Bless us in all ways.
Our Prayers to You are through Your sacrificed Son Jesus, to whom we surrender all.
Bob Olynyk


Nov. 02, 2014

Only our Father knows how and when our earthly travels are over and we are to depart.  I just found out this evening that a long time Christian friend who worked with my company for many years has suffered a massive brain aneurism and a severe stroke followed.
Bill resides in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.
At present he is an a Winnipeg, Manitoba hospital on life support with some of his family at his side.
Father we all know that You are taking care of Bill at present and that he may even be with you right now, as there are no signs of brain activity whatsoever.
Father, I Pray for the strength to be Blessed upon the family when they give consent to have the life support discontinued.
Bill was a great man of Faith and Father, I thank You for having chosen us to be close friends and workers.
May you Bless the whole family with Your Love and comfort as Bill's lifeless body lies motionless in their presence. I fear that by the time this Request is placed on the site, Bill will have passed away.
Until we meet again my friend, "you were one hard working dude and great friend, thanks for everything".
For myself and the family.
Bob Olynyk

Just spoke with family, Bill passed away, 04:30 a.m.,  Nov. 03rd. 2014, shortly after life support was removed.



Here is a poem written and typed "exactly" as presented to me,  by and spoken by  Bella, Bill's widow. It was Lovingly shared and very receptive by all at Bill's service.
Here is a verse for Bill Squires funeral.
Why did God make friends? God made the world with a Heart Full of Love. Then He looked down from Heaven above and saw that we all need a helping hand. Someone to share with who'll understand. He made special people to see us through the glad times and sadness times too. A person on whom we can always depend on and to care and to love and injoy that person love and that person in around because he is a loving and caring friend. God made friends so we'll carry a part of His perfect love in all his heart. And that is why God made friends for us in this whole world with all of His heartfull love, so that we can carry on by all His love from Heaven above.
For God had made very good friends for the one that we have deep relies on care for in our hearts and the one that you care for with all our hearts because that person is the one that is brought up with you for so many years as the day went on and now that person will have a new home where he gose too be with all the love coming from all the one's know him all these years many with lots of love joy and peace from all of us. When I first ment Bill he was 47 year old and I was 39 years old and that is how I got to know his Sister's and Brothers in law to and the rest of the family that was close to him and all his friend's too. And now here I am alone with a broaken heart and lonelie with out him and that mean I am at home with out a helping hand too,. and Billy is a very nice caring person that I ever met all those years, and now he is gone to be with the lord to see the rest of his family to the God home up above now. And he had helped me with everything that I needed like feeding me that is buying me food for the house and Billy always took me up north to cut wood for his sistert Irene in Alonsa and now I am going to really miss all that and when he took me to the fall supper too. Billy was a great friend and a very great Brother, ( in the Lord), that I don't think that anybody would ever  not want and he was a great man because that is the way he was brought up by his Mother and Father Persiey S.
And Billy is a great helper if anyone wanted his help and when we got a  phone call from Bill C , (another Bill), to see if we can do some cleaning up for him who I think ill C. is going to miss to miss all of that to for what Billy and I have done for him too.
And Bill S. was the only one that Bill C. counted on is me and Billy S. too.
And now Billy S. is in the hand of the lord and he is also in the home of the lord and he is also in the home who had love him like all of his sister's and neices and nrefues  and his friend Bella and Mr. Fix-it and Robert McL.too and francis W. my land lord and Keith and Brian Keith and Richie McW. and my nabour Rob and Siler and Ridi , wife and family ?John. And the help thgat Mr. Fix-it had got from both of us to.


Folks, please do not judge the "unedited" above letter. Yes to read this may be hard but to hear and feel the Love and devotional words spoken by Bella the writer and widow bring tears of warmth to ones eyes.
Right "from her heart" and very emotional, this is a letter of true unconditional love. 
Bella, Bill and his family are People of Our Father.

Bob Olynyk,

Oct. 20th. 2014

Father we come to You once again in need of Your Loving comfort and Blessings for a husband and wife, who we first and sharerd a wonderful friendship as neighbours back in the early '60's. Not only were we close friends but we bonded very closely during their living in my home town, until they moved. I just found out last evening, while passing through Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, where they moved to, raised their family and operated their Blessed auto motive/machine/industrial parts business up until recently, that both Mel and Joyce are both hospitalized.
Father, I do not know the status of either but I was told that Joyce has a re-occurrence of cancer and Mel has a serious case of  pneumonia.
Father, You know only too well how close these folks have followed You during their earthly walk and how devotedly they spoke of You.
It is now Father that we ask that You take both Mel and Joyce into Your Loving arms, remove the germ virus infestations put into their bodies by satan himself and protect these fine folks. Father we Pray that You remove all the pain within them and what ever be of Your Will, that Mel, Joyce, the family and friends will be Blessed with comfort and assurance that Mel and Joyce and everyone, are surrounded by Your Loving arms and are soothed by Your soft spoken inner voice.
Thank-you Father for Who You are and what You are. The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, giving us life everlasting should we surrender to You.  I Pray Father that You as Only You can do, place the Power of Love, strength and understanding, within us all to carry on, when times get tough.
We ask this through our Love and Faith and thank our Savoir, Your Son, Jesus. Amen.

Bob Olynyk

Oct. 1st.2014

Father, we came to in shocked state as we have just received word of a young family man with his wife ready to deliver another child any hour now, being murdered in northern Alberta, Canada.
After a numbing phone call alerting me of this tragedy, I asked the aunt Kate to send us a Prayer. This is her response.
"My sister's son was murdered in Whitecourt and I am requesting Prayer for Wendy that God will give her strength to make it through this burden.  Thank-you for all of your Prayers".

I now ask Father that You as Only You, can deliver the Loving strength and warm Peacefulness to the family. As followers of Your Son Jesus, we ask and Pray in His name.   Amen
Bob  for  Aunt Kate

Sept  25th. 2014

Father just a simple Prayer asking that You protect our friend John Franks from Manitoba as he is leaving Monday Sept. 29th. on a mission run to Cuba, for a couple of weeks. Father, you of all know this man's Ministry and know only too well that you will protect him and keep all of satan's evil doings away. We ask that all the means of travel are Blessed and while John is speaking, You give him the words to say. Thank-you Father as we Pray through Your Son, Jesus.   God is with you John, all the way.
Bob Olynyk

Sept. 9th. 2014

Father, we come to You again in Prayer of Hope and Immediate Need.
It is so sad Father, that man has to alter Your earthly designs, the lakes, the rivers, the trees, the skis, animals habitat, the beauty of the landscape and yet further, to change the Holy Word of Your Book, to dis-allow open worship and Praise to You and for You. When all goes wrong here on earth, you are the first one that people will call and curse upon as the cause. "An act of God" they cry and denounce Your name and You.
Father, we who Love You and follow only You know that this is so far from the truth. We know that right in the presence of all this
satan driven hell on earth, You are crying in pain just as we are.
Right now Father, one of our Prayers are for a few things. That the war torn countries, the flooded countries, the governments who have formed foreign alien land terrorists trained by them to slaughter masses and for those of us who are trying to share Your Word and safe people from harm. We "all" need your help and Blessings.
I Pray for Evangelist Dinah and her family, loss of her sister and their safety, for Evangelist Sana, her family and their safety, Evangelist Lubna and her family's safety and another Evangelist Sana and her family. The later gal is missing. All these four Evangelists operate orphanages out of pocket and by simple donations. I communicate/Skype daily with these beautiful groups, share the Gospel, sing and they even put on Gospel Skype programs for me. We are still missing one Sana. Father, if we have lost her to the wars, we know that she is with You. If there was anyway that we could receive a sign of knowing from You. We thank You Lord for Your daily Blessings and the strength to carry on helping to carry others. I Pray and thank-you in Jesus name,...Amen

Sept. 5th. 2014

Father, we all know that death can and will happen at any moment in time through out our knowing people.
We find it particular shocking when some people just up and die on the spot, especially whey they are young.
Father, we are in total shock to have lost a sister of a strong Christian friend of mine who I communicated with most days of the week. Evangelist Dinah was away from her home for a couple weeks, returned home only to lose her sister suddenly and without warning. Leaving a young baby, husband and family behind Father, we are earthly saddened.
Our awesome saving Grace Father is that we know that You have her with You at the table with You.
Physically she can no longer be touched but Spiritually, she will Always be near to all.
I now Pray Father that You Bless each person with Your Love, Guidance and the strength to carry on. Also Father that You have financial Blessings pour down to cover all service costs. Dinah is a Powerful young woman of Your Word, a great foster Mother to the orphan group she has and is a Loving dedicated part of her family, church and community.
As this young lady was Born Again and Lived with Christ, She did not die but "Passed on". Amen
We Pray through Your Son Jesus who we know will carry them all through this time of sorrow in their loss.

Bob Olynyk


July 9th. 2014

We thank-you Father for your quick response to our Prayers with respect to Harold Field and his wife and his finding employment in their new location.
I just spoke to his wife and they are not yet unpacked in their new home and new town when his new employer called to have him start immediately. What an awesome testimony of Faith working thru Prayer.
Harold is an Evangelist with; C.O.M.E. and is know by all as "Uncle Harold and Willy",   (see C.O.M.E.  OR Uncle Harold on the Links page)

Bob Olynyk

July 6th./14.

Father we come to you at this moment in Urgent Emergency Prayer in desperation need of protection of the massive flooding in central Canada.
We need Prayer mainly for the government people in charge as they do not know what to do and what they have done is all going wrong. We Pray that these officials be directed by you, that they follow this direction as we "once again" are seeing hundreds and hundreds of people being driven from and their flooded homes and land.
We Pray for the safety of people who are caught and trapped in "hot spots" where they have to be helicopter air rescued to safety. We Pray for the non loss of animals stranded in low lands that you will guide these animals to higher lands.
We know Lord that man is completely blaming You for these disasters but it is man who has changed the drainage of the lands with their complete incompetence workings over the years. Only your direction and Mercy Father can save these flooded people and protect death from this tragedy.
Now as Gary and Betty, hosts of Sacred Waters Gospel Festival, Ochre, Manitoba, Canada, are currently a witness to the flooded waters on their land, we ask Father that you remove this water and dry the land in time for their July 26th. program. You know our desperation is great Father and our toll to come is high with still a long way to go yet. Lord, we are on our knees at Your feet.
We Prayer all this to You Father with Love and great concern in our hearts, through Our Savoir, Your Son, Jesus Christ.


June 23, 2014

Father, we come to you this day with relocation and employment Prayer request for a good friend and fellow Evangelist Harold Field of Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada. Harold, is known to thousands of children as; Uncle Harold and his puppet; the loveable, talkative, smart witty puppet Willy. For many years,Harold has the children's Ministry, " C.O.M.E." (Children's Outreach Mission Enterprise). Harold and his wife Margaret are relocating to Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. Harold is asking for Prayer for God's direction on either employment or his possible pursuing the children's Ministry full time. He asks that God gives him very clear direction as to what he is to do and hopeful God will open a door real soon.
During one of Harold's weekend programs, I asked all the children in the filled to capacity and then some tent, if they would Pray with me as well as every night, that God would hear our Prayers and answer them soon. I received a thunderous- "YES" :-)
We know Father that You have a awesome Master Plan going on here that will Bless Harold and his wife Margaret real soon.
We thank You Father for this Ministry and all the children that it has touched over the many long years.
We ask this of You Father and thank You through Your Son Jesus.  Amen .

Bob Olynyk


June 7th. 2014

Heavenly Father, again we come to You at yet another time of Urgent Prayer needed for a man, in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada,  who has always Faithfully followed You in his life on earth, yet now has been hit by satan's poisoned fiery darts.
I just spoke to his wife, Bev who also needs Prayer for support, as she sees her husband in this state of depression. She is weary but her strong Faith is keeping her going. As we all need Prayer at times, some extra Prayer support for Bev would be appreciated as well.
Now after  having come through some serious medical issues Norm is now on the mend physically but satan has taken over his spirits and dragged him down into a state of withdrawal and depression.
I personally have known these awesome folks for a number of years now and this once quiet, gentle yet positive upbeat, loving man of Faith, has slipped down into a with drawn state and is sitting in a depressed valley. We know Father that You are under neath him holding his head up, but he does not realize this, at this time. We know Father that this is the work of satan and now we ask thru Prayer that You as only You can do, is to pick this man up and raise him up. To place him back to the cheerful, lively, loving, witty man that we all know him as. Norm's family and friends have tried but to no avail. satan will not give in to their Prayer support people what so ever.
As the author of Norm's Book of Life, Father,  only You know what is to be, what the page holds.
It is now that we now Pray,  if it be of Your Will, Norm be lifted up once again to be the Caring, Friendly, Loving Man that he once was. That all negativity, all physical pains and any other unhealthy satan curses, planted within his body be removed immediately. His Faith be re-ignited and that satan be banished back to his hell home, never to touch this man again. Father, we know Who You are, we know what Your Son Jesus has done for us. Now, we thank-you Father for Your Son, Your Love, Grace and Blessings placed upon us and further Pray this thru Your Son Jesus, who gave His all for us.
Amen, Amen and Amen.
Bob Olynyk

May 2nd. 2014

Father, I have just received word by phone, that, Lillian, a friend of mine has just suddenly passed away, at her home, while alone.
We know Father with out any question, that this Strong, deep devoted Loving Christian gal, is with You right now as I sit he in shock. Having just spoken to her a couple days ago, I will miss her, smile, voice and words of our Love and warmth.
As her family grieves briefly, we are all rejoicing for she is now feasting and singing for you.
I Pray Father, that in this earthly time of loss, You Bless and comfort, her children, Shane and Lorraine, her grand children, siblings and other family members.
I personally thank-you Father, for your having  our paths cross years ago and for all the Prayer times and words we shared, over the years. She beamed and radiated, "You" !
It is people such as Lillian who are a real to life examples of what and who You are. A symbol of Love.
This we Pray in the precious name of Your Son, Our Savour, Jesus Christ, the name above names,...Amen
Bob  Olynyk


April 18th. 2014

Father, we come to again in Prayer for the shocking and tragic sinking of a ferry with school students and others while on a weekend school venture. The loss at present is not really known at present so it is our Prayer Father, that people who are possible trapped in air pockets etc. be located are saved.
We ask Father that you give wisdom, guidance and direction to the rescue people to safely locate these people and save them.
We also ask Father that you give strength, understanding and relief to all the families, friends and other people involved in this disaster.
We Love You Father and appreciate that Your Will be done. This we Pray and thank-you, through Your Son, Our Lord and Savour, Jesus Christ, Amen   Bob Olynyk


March 26th. 2014.

Father, all too often we come to you in personal Prayer, but we feel that You may not answer our Prayer as we feel You should. This is our earthly human error, in our questioning Your decision and/or timing. We too often forget that You are the author of our life's book and that every page was written for us with Your never ending Love, yet we wonder,....what are You doing Lord, why are You not answering us Lord. Have I done or am I doing something wrong, Lord? What is the hold-up.
In my opinion and experience, that answer is yes. I,.....we are the problem, with in ourselves and we don t even know it.
God well knows what we want, what we need and when He will give it to us.
It Will be in His time as His timing is always perfect. We have to be ready, in His eyes. Also He will give us exactly what we need to complete whatever it is that we have set out to do,......If it be of His Will.
I have gone through this many times and right now I ask for support Prayer for a Pastor friend of mine who is going through of of these major trials in life where satan is hammering Steve.  Pastor Steve is trying to expand his Canadian Ministry in the southern USA.
Steve is so close to God s reward, that satan has every fiery dart available being shot at him that Steve is ready to pack it in , come back to Canada and do............don t know.  Just quit it all. satan Will Not Win this battle......
It is my Prayer folks, that we all ask Our Father to give Steve the Power to rebuke satan in the name of Jesus, to be completely up-lifted by the Love, Grace and Blessings of Our Father God to carry on with his Dream wish of spreading God s Word, world wide. We know Our Father Will do this through our Prayer through Our Faith.
In Jesus name we Pray this for Pastor Steve.
God is with You now Steve and Always brother. .....Amen.
Bob  Olynyk

February 20, 2014

BOB OLYNYK is in the hospital after having suffered two massive heart attacks. I just received word from his daughter, Joelle. Please lift him in prayer and I will post updates when available. ~ Cheryl Heflin, Webmaster


January 28th/14

Father we come to You through Prayer in complete shock and in the need of Your immediate Love to Up-Lift and support for Gary and Joyce along with their family and friends. Police call their 20 year old daughter's death "accidental"! The family and those who know her and were last with her, call her passing, "foul play". Father, we Pray that this issue be handled by You and that the truth be brought out. This future nurse needs to be cleared and only Your justice come to be. "Let all bothered minds" bring forth what needs to be exposed in this tragic death. Thank-you Father, for Your Love, Your Blessings and for Your Son Jesus, who paid it all for us,   Amen.

Bob Olynyk   On behalf: Gary and his family


Jan. 15, 2014

Father, I have been asked by an elderly gentleman, to Pray and use support Prayer people as well for him and his wife.
This couple of Faithful and Truly Dedicated Followers of Yours Father have family issues that is tearing them apart more each day as their children and their families are not following generational rule of their colony living.
Their emotions are hurting, their hearts are crying and it is taking its toll on their health now, to the point that satan is personally attacking them every day with his fiery-darts of hell.
Cornie and his wife are in their 70's and are the senior elders of a Manitoba colony of God following people, (under the KJV).
He and I are on the phone, sometimes three-four times a day as we draw nearer through sharing and Prayer.
Father, I have passed on Your message, given to me, that Cornie march to war by surrounding their land as was done, ( Jericho,  Hebrews 11:30 allowing him the chance to defeat satan by through Faith, have the walls of satan come falling down and then renew his family unity through the Love of Your Son.
Father, it is our Prayer that You intervene immediately, travel with Cornie and his wife as they in compass  their land seven times, each time rebuking and warning satan of Your support and casting him out, in Jesus name. We Pray also Father that their families be re-united with no bitterness or cruel gestures from anyone. Father, we now Pray that Your Love, Grace, Mercy and Blessings touch, each and everyone here. That they be re-born in a personal and forgiving way and will return as a family of one.
 We thank-you Father as we all Pray through the Loving and Powerful name of the One Who Paid it All, Your Son Jesus,.....Amen

Bob Olynyk

January 15th./14

Father, I have been asked by an elderly gentleman, to Pray and use support Prayer people as well for him and his wife.
This couple of Faithful and Truly Dedicated Followers of Yours Father have family issues that is tearing them apart more each day as their children and their families are not following generational rule of their colony living.
Their emotions are hurting, their hearts are crying and it is taking its toll on their health now, to the point that satan is personally attacking them every day with his fiery-darts of hell.
Cornie and his wife are in their 70's and are the senior elders of a Manitoba colony of God following people, (under the KJV).
He and I are on the phone, sometimes three-four times a day as we draw nearer through sharing and Prayer.
Father, I have passed on Your message, given to me, that Cornie march to war by surrounding their land as was done, ( Jericho,  Hebrews 11:30 allowing him the chance to defeat satan by through Faith, have the walls of satan come falling down and then renew his family unity through the Love of Your Son.
Father, it is our Prayer that You intervene immediately, travel with Cornie and his wife as they in compass  their land seven times, each time rebuking and warning satan of Your support and casting him out, him in Jesus name. We Pray also Father that their families be re-united with no bitterness or cruel gestures from anyone. Father, we now Pray that Your Love, Grace, Mercy and Blessings touch, each and everyone here. That they be re-born in a personal and forgiving way and will return as a family of one.
We thank-you Father as we all Pray through the Loving and Powerful name of the One Who Paid it All, Your Son Jesus,.....Amen

Bob Olynyk

Dec. 28th.2013

Folks, it is with total shock, tear filled eyes and a very heavy heart that I announce the sudden passing yesterday, (December 27th. 2013), of a great friend and strong Christian brother, Grant Smith of Edwin, Manitoba, Canada.
Grant was very well know across the country as a strong deep rooted Christian man who also was a Gospel music singer/song writer, mentor and Faithful servant to Our Lord. A few of his groups were; "Grant Smith", "From The Heart" and lately, "Long Shadow".
When anyone met Grant, they knew very well where he stood when it come to his Love for God.
He founded , organized and for many years had twice a month evening Christian Cowboy Gospel fellowship music programs at his home church in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.
Grants "everything", from his mannerism, to his voice, his smile, to his shining eyes, radiated with God's Love and when you spent time with him, you were truly Blessed. Gentle in speech yet Powerful in sharing wisdom.
Years ago, he sang solo or with others and as time passed got his children involved in his musical Ministry.
Grant has left a wonderful and Godly legacy which has and will Bless hundreds and hundreds of people.
To Grant's wife , Linda and family, we pass on our Prayers of support and offer assistance in anyway to you as required.
Now we Pray that Our Father, give you all the Grace and Blessings needed to give you the strength to carry on as Grant would have wanted of you.
Please, do not hesitate to call.

Bob Olynyk


Howdy Folks,      October 18/13.

I have just received an email from the Calgary Dream Centre, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Awhile back, the city of Calgary, close to the Canadian Rocky Mountains was swamped with a torrential rain storm which flooded the low lying section of the city.
Now the Calgary Dream Centre which houses about 200 men in need, came to rescue by recruiting 1,000 volunteers with in the first week of the disaster.
They housed people with in their own building and took time to find them other places to live, they also cleaned the flooded homes and streets along with an endless list of volunteer work.
During the course of doing, the centre is now in great need of re-supplying their needs again for the centre.
You can help in a huge way with everything from donating, mainly food like bread, fruits, eggs, milk, to money whatever.
You can donate by drop off at:  The Calgary Dream Centre, 410 McLeod Trail South, Calgary, Alberta, Canada  Or Call to donate at: 403-243-5598.
To further appreciate the workings of this awesome home to many men of all ages who are training in new fields so they can more on later, please Google:  Calgary Dream Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada and see what are all about.
Thank-you and may God richly Bless you for your support. If you can not afford financially, Prayer sure works wonders.
Thank-you and may God Shine upon You.

Bob Olynyk


August 28th. /13. * UPDATE *Sister Update

Well they've sent her home again with more pills. I guess they figured she's not in too much danger at the present time. She's scheduled to see her Surgery Team on the 3rd. I hope they don't do what they spoke about, another "scope". The last one tore a hole in her stomach. Anyway, I'll continue to Trust and call on my Heavenly Father for continued healing, and ask that those of you who are so inclined to do the same. Blessings on you all!
I remain,
An Eternal Servant of Christ Jesus,
Steve Isaac

Maranatha! Rev.22:12 & 20


August 28th. /13. * UPDATE *

Prayer for my sister, again!

I've just found out, after being home for a week or so, and leaving the hospital earlier than the doctors initially wanted, tonight my sister had to go back to the Emergency Dept due to extreme excess of liquid around her incision and that her liver seems to be failing. More blood tests throughout the day and now waiting for the G.I team (gastrinal intestinal?). Of course she's chompin at the bit to go home again, but appears to be back in the danger zone. She seemed to be doing much better, especially being free from all her prescriptions and handling things well too. God please help quickly! Prayers of Faith Greatly appreciated.

I remain,
An Eternal Servant of Christ Jesus,
Steve Isaac

Maranatha! Rev.22:12 & 20


August 27, 2013

Prayer from a friend, for my daughter in Massachusetts. ~ Cheryl
Dear Lord Jesus, please intervene in Jeanne's life and pick her up out of the miry clay and set her feet on a solid rock.  I pray you will surround Cheryl with an unusual peace that will carry her through this battle for her daughter's life.  We are so grateful that you love Jeanne with an everlasting love and will move heaven and earth to rescue her in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. ~ Denise


August 27th./13.

Father, I have just been on the Internet Chat Line with Nelly, a friend of mine, from Cavite in the Philippines, where they are flooded. I saw the pictures of devastation and loss, "not good". Although the deadly flood waters are slowly receding, all homes in this area are still flooded and people are homeless. There is a Help Prayer out-reach to the world which we know well, do respect as being one for the cause and I "Personally", will endorse; this being: Unicef. They are asking for Immediate and Urgent Emergency support. To find out their needs, best contact them, NOW. Their contact info. is: www.unicef.ca/Philippines-Flood or call 1-877-286-4233 to help this worthy cause.
Father we now ask of You thru Prayer, that there be no further lose of life, the waters completely recede and that that everything be cleared up as soon as possible so that diseases do not set in. We ask that You Bless the outreach people of Unicef and all who support their Mission, for the needy.
Man alone is to blame for our world climates and all the changes but we still need Your intervention to Save Our People.
In the Powerful Name of Jesus, we Come to You in Prayer, Amen.
Bob Olynyk


Aug. 21st. /13.

Father, as I have just received word a few moments ago, of the sudden passing of my neighbor Michael’s, Mom, we ask this of You thru Prayer.
Although her health was not the best, this was not expected.
We pray, Father that You will lift up the family with the Blessings of support, comfort and knowing that her pain is no more and that she is now in complete rest.
As Michael and his family, has walked with You for years, we Pray that You Strengthen the Families Faith in the fact that, they know there is a better home after we physically depart from our earthly home.
Let all the Treasured Moments of the past now be their Treasured Memories and Stronghold for the days and months to come.
Thank you Father as we Pray in the name Above All Names, Your Son, Jesus, Amen.
Friend and neighbor, Bob Olynyk



July  29th. /13.

Father, again I come to You with Immediate and Urgent Prayer intervention for my sister Judy, my nephew Chris and my brother-in-law Jerry.
Father You know the struggles that Jerry has had since his first heart attack at the age of 38 and that he is not a follower of Your ways but You have never yet failed him over the years of his poor health issues, having many heart attacks and hospital emergencies and what not. Father Your patience with this man, waiting for his prayerful turn-about, is beyond man's belief. As my sister said this morning, "Bob it truly is another of many miracles that he lived through". Within their home, the paramedics were pumping Jerry full of morphine and nitro and "nothing was working". Screaming in pain, completely alive and wide awake he's begging my sister, Judy, a nurse and the paramedics to stop the chest pains as his heart is ready to explode. He was given the paddles a couple times in the house and on the way to the hospital.
Father, You again were right there, as always by his side as well as holding up my sister and nephew. I Praise You Father, I Glorify You Father. I Honor and Love You Father, as I feel within my heart, that Jerry will accept You for who You are and Will Walk with You, as a returned Lost child who has come home.
Father thank-you for giving us the strength to carry on and please continue to hold up my sister and nephew Chris as they continuous to deal with these medical problems.
Also Father in a closing Prayer, for Judy and Jerry`s daughter,  Angie, that her husband Bob, who is the hospital in Nova Scotia, Canada, has the rest of his body poisons cleaned out by You Personally so that he regains his strength needed for his required surgery. He was failing but You did touch him a few times, we know you did. You touched him in the USA where he first got sick, got him to his home in Canada and You have touched him since and we thank-you.
Everything Father we place in Your Ever loving Hands and Give You all the Thanks, Praise and Glory.
We all Pray this through Your Loving Son Jesus, Our Lord and Savior. Amen

Bob Olynyk    Site  Host


July 29th. /13

Father, again we come to you with sadden hearts, as a young family has lost their Mother.
As told to me by Mary, (whose family roots are God Based), from Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, I ask Father that we Pray for the following.
Mary's Son Cornelius, (Cornie),a long-haul heavy rig driver, from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, was only a short distance from home, retuning from a road trip, when a car swerved to miss some deer on the mountainous highway and right into the path of his rig. Other travelers and witnesses immediately stopped and removed the two month baby girl and three year old girl from the wrecked can then went to rescue the 32 year old Mom. witnessing all this, Cornie with two broken wrist,, a broken ankle and other injuries, the car exploded right before his eyes, with the Mom still inside.
The people pulled Cornie out of his rig and to safety.
Father You know it all as You were there and as we share it with our Prayer Team and the world, so they know. We ask that You comfort the Father who has lost his wife. That he be given the inner Love strength to carry on and raise their two girls with Your Blessings of Grace and they walk with you always with the Love of their deceased Mom, their Dad and You within them.
Now, for Cornie, Father, you well know that of the whole family, Cornie Never followed You, or did he ever show any interest in You what-so-ever.
With the police, firemen, paramedics and eye witnesses saying that is a double miracle that he survived, we Pray that this horrific tragedy may bring him to You. His younger brother and sister-in law are on their way to see him in the hospital many miles away as well as his long lost daughter. We know You are moving God.
We ask that you Personally touch Cornie and also assure him that the Mom was already taken by You "Before" the explosion and fire.
The last contact Mary said that she and everyone was Praying for him. Crying as he realized that he should be dead, Cornie said that he wanted her to Pray for him and that he be able to attend "his wedding" in three weeks.
Father, we Pray that this Loss of a Mom will mean the return of a Lost sheep. I have Always believed that for each passing, there is a new life in one way or another.
I personally know Mary and Cornie. As my web-designer at one point, I also tried my best to bring Cornie to the Tree witn no success. I feel that hew will now come to You and we will All be there with You, to greet him.
Thank-you Father for the Blood of Jesus and he Unlimited Amounts of the Blessing You pour upon us. Through Jesus, we Pray, Amen.

Bob Olynyk   Site  Host

July 29th./13.

Father, our country of Canada comes to You today in complete shock of the horrific  head-on collision on a country road, between a car and a heavy tanker truck, near Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. Six teenagers from 13-17 years of age perished at the scene and the truck driver is still in hospital.
Father, seeing some of the grieving family members on TV, we ask that You touch each and every person, be they family, friend, neighbour as well as all concerned. Father, we Pray that everyone is assured that You are in control, You are Loving and that You are in Possession of the three boys and three girls and all is well. For the truck driver Father, we Pray that You heal his injuries and Bless him and his family.
This all we Pray in the name of Jesus, Your Loving Son. .Amen
Bob Olynyk    Site Host

July 26th./13.

Father, I just received an Prayer Request from Steve Issac , as you can. Not knowing all the medical details as You Do Father we surrender this lady into Your Loving Arms and Pray that whatever pain she is suffering, be taken away immediately and that all of the poison and foreign ailments from within her body, be remove. Father, we surrender her, to You, the Only Healer, in the name of Jesus, we Pray, Amen.
Update on my sister
They really want and need to get her off the breathing machine but she has been highly agitated and delirious and need to find a way to calm her without messing up her heart. Please pray for wisdom for the medical team and the Presence of the Great Physician Jesus Christ!
She still is battling with ARDS, still is on life support and still in Intensive care but, Praise Jesus, she is still in Gods Hands!

Sent from Steve's I-Phone


July 19th. 2013

Hi Bob,

Praise the name of the Lord, Amen. I would like to make a Prayer Request from you good Ministry. Bob here are my prayer requests. Please pray for the following for me thank you. 1. Osteoarthritis of my both knees 2. Asthma 3. Hypertension 4. Kidney problem 5. Eye Problem
Thank you very much for your prayers and may the Good Lord Bless you and your Ministry always.
God Bless,

Father, we come to you and ask that you place your Loving arms around Nelly and Only as you can do, clear any and all ailments, aches and whatever problems that are giving this, Your Child her suffering.
As You are the Healer of All we come to You in Prayer through Your Son Jesus, Our Lord and Savour.
Thank-you Father, Amen. God Will Bless You Nelly as we all Pray for His Intervention. Bob Olynyk


July 10, 2013

A 3 year old boy cousin (his name is Chase) of a friend of ours,was stung by a scorpian and has had life threatening reaction, and is now brain dead and not expected to live. Please pray for the family and for God's will and His peace in this situation.

Thank you. Cheryl Heflin


July 10th./13.

Having just received a phone Prayer request, in Urgency, folks I ask that we all Immediately join in Prayer for Bob whom lives in Wellington, Nova Scotia, Canada.
While he was in the southern United States, Bob was hospitalized, diagnosed with gall stones and blood poisoning. It was decided to have him back in the Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, hospital where he has received a stint but no other procedures can be done at present as his whole body is full of poison. He is in serious condition, with his wife, who is my niece, and their son who are presently at his bed side.
Father, it is with urgency that we ask You to immediately step into this man's life and cleanse out all the toxic poisons from his body, that satan has put into him. Not having any idea whatsoever what all poisons are in his system, the doctors can Not do anything at this point, until his whole system is detoxed and his strength is stabilized.
The doctors have listed his condition as grave Father, but this we know is only in the eyes of the man. As I have stated hundreds of times, " Man is the doctor-You Are the Healer". We all know that to You, Nothing is Impossible.
Father, with the majority of his family, thousands of miles away, as we are, we ask that You allow Bob, his wife Angie and son Randy to know and feel the Power and Love of our Prayers for them at this time and that maybe this event in his life, "will turn him to You" !
We ask Father, that You comfort him, his wife and son, knowing that we are Praying for them.
Lord we ask that You Touch him, as Only You can taking him close to You and that they surrender Bob to You and Your Love, to whatever be Your Desire.
This Father, we Pray through Your Son Jesus, Our Lord and Savour,.....Amen
Bob Olynyk by Family request

July 8th./13.

Folks we are in Immediate and Urgent Prayer for Pastor Fred and Stephaney Matz's daughter.
I just got off the telephone with Pastor Fred personally and the Life Radio Prayer Line, ( Walk With Christ Gospel Radio), in Winter Haven, Florida.
They had to rush their daughter to emergency unit in Winter Haven with a swollen head and extreme head pains.
Father we all Pray that You, as only You can, remove this high level of pain and to wrap Your Everlasting Arms of Healing and Love around this young lady and remove all that satan has instilled with this illness or whatever it is that he has attacked her with.
You and Only You Father are the Healer. We Place this young Lady in Your Arms Father and Trust and Respect that Your Wishes, Will be Done.
In the name of Your Son Jesus and Our Love for Him, we Pray this Prayer of Healing to You Father. Amen
Bob Olynyk


July 7th. 2013

Father we come to You today in Prayer for Little 16 month old Journey.
Journey is from the Long  Plains First Nations Aboriginal Reserve, near Portage la Prairie, in Manitoba , Canada.
This Little Guy is going in for his second heart operation and a pacemaker replacement, this week at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Father, as his grandfather and I have already laid hands and Prayed over this young child, it is now our Prayer here, that we all ask for Your Devine Intervention.  We ask that You lay Your Loving Hands upon this young child head, Hold his tiny body and Bless the surgeons with the Wisdom, guidance and Blessings needed to do their operation.
Father, we place young Journey in Your Hands.
Thank-you to his grandfather for allowing he and I to Pray over this brave little fella. We also Pray that you give strength to his Mom and Dad and the rest of the family, as I spoke to them as well.
We thank-you Father in the name of Jesus,... Amen
Bob Olynyk  on behalf of Journey's Family.

Novaley Martin 10:51am Jul 3
hi Bob, how are you doing in this heat. I have a prayer request from me again. Please pray that my people at work are nice to me. It seems that I get yelled at by one person and then my whole evening is ruined. My surgery date is coming up fast. Seven more days. Please pray for me Bob.

May I add a comment to Novaley's plight?
All too often as a counselor/mentor combination, I came across this issue and it can be disturbing and heart breaking, to say the least. I have known Novaley for a number of years and Will Stand beside her and proclaim her Love and Faith in Our Heavenly Father and how she radiates when she openly and proudly, speaks of Jesus.
I quite often confront, Ignorant Mouthy people who get "Ticked Off" when I challenge them to step forward and tell the world, that "They, in fact are "Absolutely Perfect in Every way".
They usually shut-up, repeat a few "Non-scriptural words" and walk away. It is this time that I wish them well and let them know that we will Pray for them.
Listen-up people; Even the toughest hard to the core atheist, has feelings deep within. Never, ever let that fact leave your mind. The "Feelings" are the "Love Seed" planted with-in Each and Every one of us by Our Father, when He First Created Us at Home in Heaven.
Bullying is a "Man" thing, driven by satan thru man's ignorance! "Love" is a God thing. Love really is deeply instilled with everyone. How about we all pray against Bulling, to stop, all over the world. Let’s start right here and now.
Do what I Love to do, "Hug-Hug-Hug-Hug and it Never ends". Warning world, "I Am a Hugger"!
True Fact; Even the roughest, toughest, worst bully, desires, needs and Loves a Hug. See, as satan has come into these bullies lives within and instills his hate. The Love Seed of God is still there.
Get my point, people? Now, let’s get out there and "HUG the World". How's that Novaley?
My Father God, I Love You so, You Love Me, I know. I pray that we all gather in Love thru our Spirit within as One Happy Family and Love Each other, as one, thus ending any bulling.
Father, Touch Every Heart, Mind, Spirit and Soul Immediately, in the Name of Jesus, I Pray this, for All to be Blessed.
I ask and Pray this Father thru Our Blessing of Everlasting Love and Our Only Way to Our Eternal Home, Jesus Christ, Your Son and Our Savior. Bob Olynyk
p.s. Thru the Blood of Jesus; I Command satan to Hear, Feel and Fall Immediately to the Power, this Prayer. Amen

July 1st. 2013

Our Lost Arizona Fire-Fighters Prayer                                                     

Father, people are again in complete and total shock and denial at the wild fire break out with the unbelievable loss or homes, other destruction and the sad deaths of nineteen Firefighters, in Arizona, USA.
As my son-in-law too wears this same uniform, I can Personally relate, to this sad and reflecting loss !
The questions, Why, How, the Anger, the Hurt, the Blame, the Disbelief, the Shock, the Loss, the Scars to be left behind.
Some people who have never cried out to You Lord, may do so now. Many who have rejected You, may return to You again. Many people who have always denied You, may turn to You in complete loss and need.
Lord, whatever may be the case here, we Know that; You Will Not Judge and "You Are Waiting" for everyone to come to your Open Arms for Comfort, Strength and Hopefully, their understanding towards You.
We Pray that as has been shown before, with 9-11 and other such disasters, the Hearts of Love from the people of Arizona and the USA open up and join with Your Heavenly Blessings, to Carry, Comfort and protect everyone here and those still battling the enemy.
Let's have it as it was in the past: " You were in Everything"....You not only attended Church, but Boy Scouts, schools, sports games, open street meetings, public buildings, general political places/talks, hard times and Disasters such as this.  Father, You were Welcome Everywhere.
What has happened? Why is Man doing with You what he is done. Yet, Why, when  disasters such as these occur, You are the First and Only person who is called?
Forgive us all Lord and hear us all as we Pray that Everyone of the people are Blessed as You Always Bless us, Equally.
In Jesus name we Pray. Amen
Bob Olynyk


June 26, 2013

I am having surgery on my left shoulder in two weeks and am asking prayer for it. I am hopeful that all goes well. Please pray for the surgeon too that he can fix it. Thanks Novaley Martin


June 10, 2013

Father we come to You again with a special Prayer of "Extreme Immediate Urgency" as possible death lingers around!
I received a personal request from a close friend who wishes to remain silent for fear of personal issues both to her, her family and her daughter, Jeanne.
Father we all know well that satan has stolen millions of people over the years with his evil army of booze and drugs which have torn good people's hearts open and poisoned their body and minds.
This has taken this one young lady, from Massachusetts, USA. and driven her along with satan's army, straight to hell with his cruel, evil, heartless and demonic ways. Her attitude, mannerism her ways are his ways.
Father let us all realize that this is not Jeanne, but satan within her.
As is every other satan cursed body, mind, Soul and Spirit, this gal is Your Child that satan has weakened and has drawn her to the point of overdosing with prescription meds and alcohol, and cutting herself.
"Father, in the Powerful Name of Jesus Your Son, We Immediately Demand in the Name of Jesus, that satan be Driven out of Jeanne's body and that Jesus removes every other evil seed that satan has planted and that satan be returned to hell along with his cursed army of wrong deed devils. Further that their poisonous ways of evil never to be instilled within this Child's body again.
We know Father that Only You Can Do This and We Ask it of You Now, through Our Prayers. Our Love for You gives Our Faith to accept whatever be Your Will, Shall be done. Protect this child, Father, take her into Your Arms and Bless Her with Your Anointed Grace and Mercy, Forgive Her Ways as she was Weak when satan attacked and Cleanse her throughout.
Thank You Father For Who You Are and How You Love and Forgive Us, Always. In Jesus, The Name of LOVE, We Pray to Our Selves: Amen.

Bob Olynyk Thank-you Again Father


May 20th. 2013

Father, we come to You in urgent Prayer for Judy, in Leduc, Alberta, Canada.
As I am a guest in their country home, we had to call an ambulance this evening and rush her to the hospital.
Not too sure what was wrong at their immediate evaluation upon arrival, the paramedics lessened her pains and rushed her and her husband Albin, by her side to the city.
We ask Father that You intervene, give the doctors the required direction for her treatment and that Your Hands be Placed upon her body; thus immediately removing all pain and whatever satan and his demons have placed within her body.
Judy knows You Father and she Trusts Your Decisions.
We ask this and Pray this to You Our Father, in the name of Jesus.
Bob Olynyk


May 14th. 2013


Dear Bob Isaiah 6 Group
Update on Jake Wiens: April 7th/13 had a stroke.
My dad is able to speak some words, and is in Rehab.
We want to thank-you for your prayers, calls, and words of encouragement. Please also pray strength for our mom, as she is at the hospital with Dad everyday. We continue to see God working everyday, the miracles are many. Specific things to pray for: his appetite and strength to return to his body. A few words that I understood were "I pray", God's purpose my life".
My dad is an awesome example of God's grace to all around him. Thank-you again for your prayers.
Wanda Kehler

April 30th. 2013

Father we come to You again as we Share and Pray for the strength of our Christian Sister and one of our Featured Artists, Janet Wiebe. Our Prayer of Care and Support is for Janet and her family as her Mom has recently passed away.
Although her Mom was a Talking and Walking Powerful Christian Lady who was ready and waiting to go Home to be with her husband and friends, it is still hard to let a parent go, especially a Mom. Think about this people; Our Mom, is our oldest earthly closest companion, friend and mentor. Remember now, Our Mom did lug us around for how many months 24/7 thru thick and thin as a Child Bearer for God. To raise us on earth, to learn of God's Love for us all.
Happy, chipper and witty right to her last breath, Janet's Mom spoke of her Love of Her Father God and how excited she was to be going home. Wow. Then, sleep.
Every time I hear of a person's excitement in Passing, allows me to directly relate to this moment in time as I experienced the time of Passing, in 1964, when I died in a commercial accident, was pronounced clinically dead, at the age of 18 and met with Our Father. Well, here I am today, to share it with the world.
As Janet's Mom passed away with some of her family at her side was, I know that was a wonderful moment for her and an awesome feeling to leave earth with a joyful heart, as she was carried away with God's Angels of Love, going to her Eternal Home. What a Blessing, we are allowed to receive. An Eternal Home, if we so choose !
May God Bless you Janet and your family and may All the Precious Moments of Your past be your Blessed Memories which Will give you Strength in the Future as Your Mom will Always, Love and Live on with-in you all. Amen !
Bob Olynyk


April 25th. 2013
Hi Bob - Hope you made it home safe and sound and that the cats and the house are in good condition.
I am asking you to say a prayer for my friend Doris who has COPD and is also suffering with Parkinson's.
She is a young woman who has had a lot of problems piled on her after she had a heart attack in her early 50's and had to quit work. She has progressed so quickly that in the five years that I have known her she has been in and out of the hospital too many times to recall and now she is in a wheel chair and her husband is left with all the work.
Thanks. Lillian (Keswick, Ontario, Canada)

April 19th. 2013

Father, again we come to You in need of Your Blessings of Support, Strength, and Comradeship, with regards to two different issues.
One being the plant explosion in West, Texas, USA where the number of deaths and injuries is devastating and the senseless shooting of the MIT Campus Police officer, who succumbed to his injuries in Cambridge, Mass. USA.
Father we Pray that You surround all the affected people with Blessings of Strength and the courage to carry on and support each other as they share their losses and grief.
satan has this earth in turmoil in many ways which man is following alongside. This also hurts Your Soul and we know You too shed tears of sadness, just as we do.
We look to You and Only You for Blessings of Love and Comfort Father and Give You all the Glory for our being and our Blessings.
We Pray this and direct this through Your Son, Jesus, our only Hope for Life Everlasting. Amen Bob Olynyk


April 16th. 2013

Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
Genesis 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let him have domain over the fish of the sea,
and the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.
Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His OWN image, in the image of God created by he him; male and female created he them.
Genesis 1:28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have domain over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves over the earth.

Now all that I can clearly see and read here is created and done by Our Father God.
With Obvious Joy in His heart, done in a Complete Fashion and Manner of Deep Love and great expectation of the building a huge Family and a place of Peace for them to live in. This is all good. This is all God.
Now let’s fast forward here to where many a man has decided to not follow this Blessed life but; " Do their own thing".
Here is where I bring in my personal; "Love-Greed Scale" where, in my personal opinion, is NO middle point. It is either one or the other.
Love leads a great life, greed rules hell. For example, the greed of power;
"What's my point" here? The bombing of the Sports Runners in Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
Who and what sick satan-possessed person would show such an action, but some person or persona, expressing a power struggle.
As I type this note, a school teacher from my home town, was in that race and as of this hour, we have NOT heard from her.
In closing people, I ask that we Pray for the people who have lost members of their family, for those who have been injured and the doctors, nurses, medical people, fire rescue and police officers who went through this afternoon of hell, just as 9-11. Also Father, we must not forget and also Pray the people who are responsible for those tragedy. We Pray that You will touch each and every heart as only You can do.
We thank-you Father in the Name of Jesus, Your Son, the Name above All Names, the Alpha and the Omega, Amen, Bob Olynyk

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "Is it not strange that man has tossed God and His Word out of almost every place there is on this earth, YET when a tragedy occurs, He is the 1st. One that they Reach out to"? Why is this ? It is because "Every one of us has the God Seed of Love, planted within us". That's why! Let us bring God up Front and Above where He Belongs, OK! God Bless ! 

April 14th. 2013

Father, we come to You with a need for Your Blessings of Strength for our loss here in my home town. Last week, Kendra went home as Your Angels picked up this Beautiful 14 year old Strong Rooted Little Lady of Faith. Her singing of Gospel or any type of songs, was a pleasure to hear. Her beautiful smile, her sparkling eyes, her powerful voice, her room rockin' laughter, her bubbly personality along with her lively buoyancy all over personality, kept every ones attention. Her Love for animals carried on from bugs to bears. She was a treasure and unforgettable pleasure to be with. Giving of herself to You at a young age, She Loved her Faith, Family, Friends and animals as well as , "Life".


A miracle in her life was when Kendra fell violently ill, losing all body functions, (totally bed ridden), including her sight and basically left her with an unknown illness to this day . After a few years of "Complete Prayer thru Faith" and lots of support, Kendra regained her sight, walking, and all body functions. Doctors to this very day are blown-away. God was at work; there will never be any doubt about it. All the Glory goes to God for His Healing. Amen
I ask for your Prayer support for Mom Denise, Dad Kevin, sister Jaelin and brother Dana as well as all her other family members and of course, teachers, class-mates friends etc.
Kendra is now singing for her Papa John and other passed family and friends at Our Father's table and dancing on the streets of Gold, as well as doing pet care. Thank-you Father for Your Blessing of our having Kendra for her visit on earth. Until we meet again Kendra, "Sing your heart out Little Angel", we will miss your physical hugs, smiles and all, but the Love you left in the air will always be there along with Treasured Memories. :-) Bob Olynyk


April 10th. 2013

Dear Bob
I want to request prayer for my father, Jake Wiens. He has had a stroke this last Sunday April 7th/13. He has played with Isaiah 6 since the group began. He has lost the ability to speak, and right now he is in the hospital and we are waiting to decide what needs to be done next.
Thank-you so much in advance.
Wanda Kehler


March 28th. 2013.

Father, again we come to You with heavy hearts, with the loss of another Dear Christian Member of our Gospel Music Family. Bill Rumley, (Billious Pond), suddenly left his earthly journey, March 23rd.2013 to perform at Your Table. Bill spoke of this often, saying that he was practicing on earth so he could be good with You. Now Lord, his rehearsals will pay off.
Everyone who met Bill, never forgot him as he expressed his Love for and desire to be with and play for You some day.

His Deep Faith was obvious as he spoke softly, with his awesome unforgettable smile, yet his message was Powerful and well received.
Bill's Celebration of Life Service will be: Tuesday April 2nd. 2013, 10:00 a.m., at Cropo Funeral Home, 1442 Main Street North, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Just as all c.d. sales monies, anyone wishing to donate: Monies will go to: Union Gospel Missions in Winnipeg.
email Prayers to the Family at: jamie@jamierumley.com or Jamie's web-site: www.jamierumley.com OR to our Prayer Power page here on this site.
Our Hands May Never Touch As One. But Our Hearts Will Never Come Un-done. Thanks for the Great Memories Bill, Save me a chair Partner.
Bob Olynyk, along with Your Gospel Web-site and Gospel Circle Family



We come to You Father, with Urgent Prayer for, Susette and her children, of Winter Haven, Florida, USA.
Without any private and painful detail, let us just say that a former family member basically completely emptied her home of all the contents leaving her on the floor with nothing, not even any of the basics. Her idea being that it is all material objects and she was not physically harmed, she is resting on her Faith that God will give her a way to re-furnish her home, including her new grandson's little bed. Sue only asks that her children and grandson are further protected from any and all harm and that as they have given it all to God, their Trust is in Him and Your Prayers.
I personally know this Powerful Christian Warrior lady and know that God Will Bless all their mis-fortunes and Bless their future, in every way.
This we ask and we all Pray through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Bob Olynyk, for Susette, Baby Trevor, daughter Rachel and son-in Law, Travis


Jan. 30th./13.

Father we came to you in urgent Prayer for Jennifer of Rosindale, Manitoba, Canada, who's Mother passed away suddenly last evening.
We Pray Father that as most of the family members are ill at this time , all with colds, the flue and other ailments, that you will Bless each and everyone, to be healed and to be given the strength of their sudden loss of a Mother, Grandma, Auntie and Friend.
I just got off the phone with Jennifer, a personal friend of mine and her request was for Prayers of Healing and Strength, for everyone. That the plans for the service that the family had prepared some time ago, with her Mom, are carried out to her Mom's wishes.
Therefore Father, we leave Jennifer, her children and the rest of the family in Your Hands. As a Christian gal, Jennifer knows that You Will take care of her Mom.
This we ask and Pray for, through the Every loving Name of Jesus.
Bob Olynyk, for Jennifer



Dear Friends,

I just received word that Tracy Stuffle of "The Perrys" has suffered a massive stroke. He was driving his car at the time which caused an accident. Please join me in praying for God's 100% healing for his body and for comfort for the family. Other singers will be filling in for Tracy and Libbi this weekend so that she can be with her husband during this critical recovery time. If you are near any of their concerts, please support them by attending and donating as freely as God has given you the resources.

In Christ's service, Jack Brown, "Gospel Trumpet"; Waynesboro, Virginia, USA.



Many times, we ask ourselves why tragedies occur such as in Newtown, CT. USA. No, God is not to blame. Don't even go there! Man is always to blame.
We have no answer as yet and may never, so we do what is Always Best for All. We Pray.
Heavenly Father, You Know Our thoughts, You Know Our Hearts, You Know Our Feelings of loss as we are all of the Same Family. You Know Everything. We Know Your Faithfulness when it comes to answering Our Prayers. With Heavy Hearts, Father we ask for Your Blessings on everyone affected by the tragic happening in Newtown, Connecticut, USA. We Pray that as Your Love pours over this whole tragic piece of history, families, friends, neighbors as well as All other people, will be given the needed strength and support in numbers, to carry on as their earthly lost ones would have wanted them to do. I pray that their lost ones will always live within their hearts and minds with Treasured Precious Memories being a major stronghold, in the years to come.
Thank-you Father for You Are the Healer of All without exception. In the Powerful Name of Your Son, Our Savor, Jesus, we Pray, Amen. Bob Olynyk


December 16th./12.

Father I come to You with a short list of Prayer requests for people who I have met and talked to in the past several days of my travels in east central Canada.
Father, You know each and every issue that was discussed with these folks and as I will just briefly touch on them, I promised that You would Bless them and listen to our Prayers.
To Jennifer, from New Market, Ontario, Canada: God will show the doctors what your medical problem is. I pray that your pain and problems are ended soon; Lillian, from Keswick, Ontario: that the doctors will soon find out what skin disease you have and clear it up. To Danny from Sutton, Ontario: You MUST keep Chelsie away from her drug family. She listens to you and she will stay off drugs if you can keep her away from the doctors as well. One does NOT take someone off drugs with a pile of others. She truly loves you Danny, for who and what you are, a true friend, and someone who wants to marry her :-). That my friend is worth it within its self. To Chris: In God's eyes as well as mine, you are not a nobody skate boarder. You are an extremely intelligent young man with an awesome talent: skate boarding. You have a job, you are not a drinker, you do not do drugs, you believe in God and you were a total pleasure to share time with. Your depression will be best handled with your beautiful loving sister at your side, "Not the doctors drugging you into the stoop per I witnessed". Stay away from these legalized drug pushers. To Vern, Keswick,Ontario: with the confirmation of your having Alzheimer's, you told me that you know there is a God. Now is the time to get to Know Him Better. He is the Only Healer.The others are only doctors with Band-Aids. As I have always stated to doctors; " You are Doctor, He Is The Healer" as I point up. Been kicked out of a few doctors’ offices/hospitals.
Father, as we pray here for these people, we thank You for being present with me as I met with these hurting people. We shared some tears when they realized, that someone, a total stranger cared for them. Someone who actually cared enough to pray for their illnesses. I told them all that I was Not alone. I had God with me :-) Thank You Father, in the Precious name of Jesus. We all Pray for these people as one and individually. Bob Olynyk


October 3rd./12.
Father we come to You this day with a couple Prayer requests, from the same home, in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada..
Firstly Father, Eleanore asks that we Pray for her elderly Father, Jake, who has been given up to 6 months to live. The cancer is spreading quite quickly. Also, Father,for her Mother, Kathy, who also is not doing well under the circumstances. These two folks Father, as You well know, have been deep rooted Faithful Servants to You all their lives and are both ready to come home. We ask Father, that You Bless them and lessen the physical pain, that both are having. They reside in, Arborg, Manitoba, Canada.
Next Father is a request from Micheal, (Eleanore's husband),that as his Mother's health has declined drastically, from smoking most of her life, that we all know her time here is short as well. Father, we ask that in Kathy's case, You lessen the pain that she is suffering as well. Kathy is from, Gimili, Manitoba, Canada.
Father, as there is a lot of stress right now, we ask that You give this whole Family the strength and health to carry on with their daily family activities, as best as can be expected and as the times draw near and when their parents do go Home, they will be ably to carry on, just as their parents have asked of them. We ask this for their whole family. Micheal and his family are devoted to You Father, You know that, yet they desperately need You now, more than ever, as the next few months will be a huge challenge in their lives.
We ask this and Pray for Your intervention, through the Gentle, Loving, Wonderful and Powerful Name of: Our Savor, Your Son, Jesus, Amen Bob Olynyk. Friend of the family.

Sept. 26th./12.
Our Heavenly Father, we come to You again in Prayer to ask for Your Blessings, of strength and understanding, to be placed upon a Christian Friend of our's family, as our friend Sam suddenly was called Home. This family Father, as You well know has Walked with You for many, many years and are All accepting Your Will being done as always. The hard part is, there was no earthly, "goodbye".
Originally from California, USA, Sam and some of the family, relocated to Manitoba, Canada, some years ago.
Thank-you Father for this man's True Bible Beliefs being be-stowed upon his family and friends and for Your Blessings with Sam being one of them. We ask this through Your Son Jesus, Amen.
Bob Olynyk - Brother Thru Christ and Friend of Sam's

Sept. 04th./12.
Father, we come to you in Prayer today and ask that you give wisdom to the doctors who are trying to find a cause for a lady who is having a sudden failing of her kidneys and liver.
Her daughter Jennifer tells us that her Mom, who resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and is in the hospital there, is failing daily. Whatever be your Will Father, we accept but we do ask through Prayer, that her pain be minimal and that You give a Blessing of strength to each and every member of the family and her friends. Bless the doctors, the caring nurses and staff and all who are with herb at this time of need.
This we ask for and Pray thru Faith, in the name of Your Mighty Son, Jesus. Amen.
Bob Olynyk

July 19, 2012
God is so good, seems like an understatement. Just to let you know. Debbie Loeppky had her surgery on her brain aneurysms, she is in recovery at this moment. We just want to praise God for people like you who prayed witihout ceasing. Her surgery went very well according to the neuro-surgeon. Amazingly well! not so amazing to our God, its just what He does.Takes care of His own.
Thank-you Bob and prayer family for your caring hearts, and prayers.
Wanda Kehler
Isaiah 6

June 11th./12.
Over this past weekend at a festival, Isaiah 6 performed for us.
I talked with the group whom I have known for a number of years and mainly with Debbie.
Deb is in the Prayer below, ( June 3rd./12). It is our personal Prayer Father that You pick up Debbies Spirits Immediately as satan is hammering her with fear of the surgery procedure. I could feel satan's presence as Deb and I spoke. He was ever so strong trying to grab her to be his own.
Father, Deb Knows You, she Follows You as You walk, she Loves You, she Glorifies Your name and she needs that little extra nudge.
Father, I Pray Now that You Immediately Touch her. Uplift her Now, to where satan will no longer be able to lower her Spirit.
Where she will focus on You Father and Only on You. Deb has stated that she accepts Your Will to be done and wants You near. Now Father, Please Touch her so that she feels the Powerful Surge of Your Touch, pass through-out her complete body.
Further that all infectious cells be removed, her blood be completely cleaned and that her body be fully cleansed of all harmful cells.
We Thank-you Father for Deb's singing to Your Glory with her group, Isaiah 6 and now Completely Place her, in Your Loving Arms. We Thank-you and ask this all in the name of Jesus.
Bob Olynyk


June 11th./12.

Father, we also have two other short Prayer requests.

First: Father, for Tim, from the Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, area.
Father, Tim is a quiet, humble man who has known Jesus as His Personal Lord and Savior most of his life. Tim has also suffered from depression for this period of time as well. Professional help has not succeeded in helping him!
Father, as I have known Tim for a number of years, I ask of you, to give Tim the strength to carry on with the pressures of his daily life. His issues are those that we all have but as Tim nature is gentle, quiet, timid and at most times a with drawn person, Father, I Pray that You Today, fill Tim with a re-newed lively Spirit. One that will pick him up and carry him through all his life's issues, with You at his side. He admits that he is weak and vulnerable to satan's attacks.
Let him Shine with Your Radiation, dance in Your Spirit, follow in Your steps and Lift Praise You even more, as he does Love You. Let people see this and be drawn to him as they gather and share with him. Tim needs Your uplifting Father as well as us all surrounding him with Our family Love.
Thank-you Father, for Your Will to be done, as we Pray in the name of Your Son, Jesus.
Bob Olynyk

June 11th./12

The second Prayer Request is for Clyde.
Father, as You will know, Clyde, is from the Ile-des-Chenes, Manitoba, Canada area and due to his past smoking habits, has acquired an illness of which no doctors can find relief from pain nor a cure.
Father, You are fully aware of what Clyde suffers from and as You are the Only Healer of man and animal, I ask that You Place Your Hands upon this brother of ours and Heal him of all his pain & suffering and to be clear of any part of this disease and any other harmful health problems, be it Your Will.
We ask that You lift up his Spirits and allow him to carry on with his daily chores, work and life as a whole.
We ask and Pray this in the name of Jesus.
Thank-you father.
Bob Olynyk



Thank-you for your newsletter - its an encouragement and a blessing. I have a prayer request, one of our members from Isaiah 6 is having major surgery. Debbie has brain aneurysms and one of them has to be dealt with. Her surgery is in July, pray for God's hand to guide the physicians hand and that Debbies health will improve so that she will be strong enough to handle this surgery.
We need her healthy and well and thank God for her and for His loving hands that have kept her able to sing all these years.
Thank-you in advance...for all you do for His kingdom.
Wanda (Karly) Kehler
Isaiah 6


May 24th./12.

Father we have received a Prayer request from Nedia, who lives in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, asking for our Prayer web-site team and many web-site Family Supporters, around the world. " Nedia is Our Featured Artist, on the Events Page"
Nedia will be having a cat scan, on June 4th./12, so as doctors can try to solve a medical problem. She is currently experiencing some hearing loss and laryngitus. This has happened before.
Father, in Prayer thru Faith, we step aside from all medical works of man and ask that You intervene and make right with-in Nedia, what ever the issue may be. You are the Creature of man and You are the "Only Healer" of man and animal. With Our Faith in Only You Father, we ask that You take Nedia in Your arms and if it be Your Will, to clear out any and all harmful foreign body matters within her body. We Trust and accept, Your Will. We Pray this Father, in the Precious Name of Your Son, Jesus.
Also Father, Nedia has mentioned , her Father-in-law having cancer. Again Thru Prayer in Faith, Father, we ask that You lift this man into Your arms and if it be your will, to clear away every cancer cell out of his body, never to return again, that he be completely cleansed with-in. Only You can, restore his health, that he may enjoy, many more years, with family and friends. This we also Pray through Your Son, Jesus. Amen and Amen
Bob Olynyk

May 22nd. 2012

Father, it is at this time we ask in Prayer, that You place Your Angels of Love and Strength around Hermann and Christine's Family. That You hold them close to You, giving them the Comforting Warmth of Your Love and assuring them that You have Christine in Your arms, safe and protected.
We know Father that You have a need for Christine to be with You and we thank-you Father for the time you shared her with us here on earth. Your Love and Warmth always Radiated through Christine to those she met wherever she ventured world wide.
Never to be forgotten, Christine will always be remembered for Her Strong Faith, Her Warm Radiation of Caring, Her Passion for her Heavenly Father and the Blessed Gift He gave her, her singing voice; "The Voice of an Angel".
See You at the Supper Table, Christine. ~ Bob Olynyk


May 8, 2012

Please lift in prayer my brother-in-law, Roy Heflin, who is having BRAIN SURGERY on Wednesday, May 9th, in the morning.
PLEASE PRAY for both Roy and the surgeon, as Roy will be at Jackson Memorial Hospital to have a Craniotomy (Brain Surgery to completely remove his dural AVM) performed in hopes of making him whole again . . . be sure to PRAY for Dr Morcos (neural surgeon) and his team, Hospital staff, as well. Thank you and God bless! ~ Cheryl Heflin


April 25th. 2012
Father, this is a simple Prayer request, that Lillian, in Keswick, Ontario, Canada, be called fairly soon from her surgery waiting list, to have her knee replacements as necessary. We Pray that when her procedure time is scheduled, that You are present to Place Hands On the procedure team and that her healing period is as painless as possible and of a short period of time. This we Pray in the name of Jesus. Amen

Mar. 20th.2012
Father, we have just received a Prayer request from Bruce, in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada, that we pray for a successful open heart operation, to replace a valve in his wife Peg’s heart. The procedure is to take place in the University Hospital in, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, on Wednesday, 28th. 2012. (Scheduled for today but delayed).
Father we know who the real Healer, the True Chief Surgeon is in every operation that is carried out. We ask that as You Are the Only True Healer, that You guide the hands and minds of the selected people to replace this much need valve and that the whole medical team all be Blessed in their assigned duties. We now hand Peg to You Father as Your Will, be Done.
We Thank-you Father for Our Daily Blessings, all the Grace Given to us and Further ask in Prayer, that You Bless Bruce and the whole Family through this time of earthly pressures. In the Mighty and Powerful name of Jesus, we Pray. Thank-you Lord and Amen. Bob

Feb. 2012
Folks, we come to you with a Prayer Request of Urgency for NaTasha, in the U.S.A. ( We can Not give any further information on this gal, God Knows who and where she is and that is all that matters).
Only You Lord know the Amount and Reason and the time urgency, for the financial assistance that she needs.
Only You Lord know the status of her needing another place to reside.
Only You Lord know what she needs in/with this new place to reside and what ever else she needs for another building.
Only You Lord know that she is facing some serious issues and the reasons, for all that they may be.
Only You Lord and Natasha know the real needs and the truth behind everything here in this Prayer Request.
We ask you that she is protected from, " Sheep in Wolves clothing", be they: family, friends and other people, who are not for her well being, but their own.
Father, in closing, we Pray that You oversee every true need with this gal and that Your Judgement through Natasha's Faith, Honesty, Love, Prayers and Truth Thru You, will deliver Your many Blessings upon Her, as only You can, from this moment on.
We all pray this in the Powerful name of Jesus. Amen
Written by Bob Olynyk with Care and Concern for Natasha


We lift up our hands Lord in Prayer for Mary, in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, and her sudden life threatening emergency breathing problems. For a week, Mary was in the hospital, in serious condition with a trac. installed, to assist her breathing. With lung and other issues, Mary has been found to have Astma and other breathing problems. Mary is a Strong Child of God as has handed herself over to God's Care. Father, we now Pray that you heal Mary's breathing problem and the other body ailments that she has. We ask that you ease the aches and pains that she carries most days. For this we Pray in the name Above All, Jesus. Amen.
Mary asks that we thank everyone for their Prayers of support. "Thank-you all, from Mary" ! Thank-you Father.


Jan. 15th. 2012
Folks, we all know that God allows things to happen for a reason and no matter what it may be, we are not to question Him without respect. Yes, we may ask, "Why Father" but if there is no answer, we must realize that He does for us all, what is best.
Our Prayers now are of an Urgent nature for a very close friend of mine and one of our Featured Artists, Christine, on our Prayer Power Page. Christine has stomach cancer and the doctors are losing their fight to contain it from spreading.
Through Our Faith and the Love of Jesus, Father, we gather in prayer for Christine, this Faithful Child of Yours who has Walked with You all through her earthly life. Father we ask that whatever Your desire for Christine may be, that You guide the doctors endeavours to do what they can to ease the pain and suffering and as only You can, we ask that You destroy this cancerous cells growing rapidly within her body. No man can answer this prayer request as You can. We also ask that You give strength for her husband Hermann and her family.
For many of you folks who wish to pass on your Prayers in a more direct manner and have questions, I would suggest FaceBook as the best way of doing so. ( FaceBook: Christine Schuhmann )
For those who have never heard Christine's songs, and her amazing career singing for God and the world, look her up on our links page, then visit her on her web-site.
This way, you will also be in tune with Christine's condition and progress and ease our email in box. Not that I mind, I just can't handle the amounts coming in. Thanks.
God is really hearing from you all and Christine and Hermann know this only to well. God through Love, Faith and Prayer, is at work. Keep it up folks!
Christine lives in Elma, Manitoba, Canada. We thank-you Father as we Pray in the Powerful and Wonderful name of Jesus.
Bob Olynyk and our Gospel Music Web-site Family .

Dec. 17th. 2011 ~ Our grandson Chris, (18 yrs. old), has an addiction to drugs and demonic influences around him. Please pray that although he knows about God/Jesus that he will believe and be able to heal from the hurts he is feeling and accept Jesus into his heart. He is fortunate to be alive and we know that God has a better plan for his life.
Thank you. God bless.
Father, we gather in Prayer for young Chris, who has had satan step into his life and has presented him with harmful drugs. All too often Father we see what happens when people are taking drugs. It is another way for satan to tear apart loved ones and ruin many lives. Please Father, in the Name of Jesus we Pray along with Lennie and Sheldon, (Grandparents), for Your Immediate intervention into Chris' life and to wipe out his desire for this most deadly habit. To clean his body and mind of any future desires for any drugs, whatsoever.
Only You Father, with your guidance and Chris's desires, can correct this work of satan. We Pray Father in the Loving and Caring Name of Jesus, Your Only Son and Our Almighty Savor. We all say, "Amen. Amen. Amen". Bob Olynyk


Folks, we received word today, Dec. 16th./11, that Victoria, a young Christian Teen Prayer Warrior, was involved in an vehicle accident, which was of no fault of hers. She did receive minor injuries and the police did state that her seat belts did save her life but, when the vehicle rolled, the air bags deployed and burned her face. (like a carpet burn). Doctors fear, that she may be scarred from these burns. Victoria lives in, south central, Manitoba , Canada.
Father, we ask now in Prayer, that you advise Victoria's doctors as to what type of treatment to use as to not have her burnt facial skin scared whatsoever.
We Thank You Father for this Awesome Powerful Teen Christian gal and all the people that she has Touched in Her Walk With You and For You. We all Pray and ask that You Will heal and Bless Her Abundantly, in many ways !
This we all Pray in the Beautiful Name of Our Savor, "Your Son, Jesus". Amen.
~ Bob Olynyk


I have just received an email today folks, Dec. 14th.2011, that the doctors have seen Jennifer and have the eye problem solved and feel that all will be well with her eyes. Through her friend Marsha, Jennifer has asked us here to thank everyone for their Prayers and the immediate support given and to let us all acknowledge the fact, that God did intervene immediately, to which, we all say, "Thank You Father and Amen" !
Bob Olynyk


We received a Prayer request today, Dec. 11, 2011, from Marsha, asking that we pray for Jennie. Now from the short note that we received, the prayer is for Jennie, who is a Missionary in Haiti at the House of Hope, orphanage.
Jennie is being flown to Texas, U.S.A., right now.
Unless Our Father intervenes, the prayer is for the doctors to be able to figure out, what infection has set in both of Jennie's eyes and to be able to cure it soon, as well as to control the pain. That Our Father direct the doctors in thier works, on Jennie.
Heavenly Father, we come to You in Prayer, asking that as Only You know what has to be done to Jennie's eyes, Father, we ask that you Immediately place Your hands over her eyes and if it be Your Will, we ask in Prayer, that You Heal them.
We pray this Father, in the Precious and Most Powerful name of Jesus, Your Son, who died, so that we may live; and we all said, "Amen". ~ Bob Olynyk


Dec. 9 ~ Special Assistance Needed
My brother-in-law Roy, is in need of brain surgery and they are in need of funds for this operation. If anyone knows of any way they can help, please go to this link. www.stpaulboca.com Fundraisers, etc. And please keep them in your prayers.
Thank you and God Bless. ~ Cheryl


Dec. 8th. 2011
Folks, I am requesting Prayer for a personal friend of mine.
I just found out late this evening, that Peter, who lives in Mather, Manitoba, Canada, has incurable throat cancer.
Father, we Pray that Your Will Be Done and that the pain Peter has now, is eliminated, as only You Can Do,...that you Place Your Blessings on his doctors and lead them in making him as comfortable as possible.
Father, we also Pray, that his estranged family, contact him, where ever they may be and come to his side. I do know that they monitor this web-site and I Pray, they see this Prayer request.
As Peter and I shared God's Word this evening and the Pain that Peter is experiencing, he says that it is no where near what Christ went through for us. This Peter spoke in his broken horse voice and made it quite Clear to me and Our Father as his whiteness, that he is completely ready to go Home, when called. He admitted that in fact, " He is quite excited" as he knows of my Personal Testimony and is fully aware of his destination.
Whenever I hear this folks, I call it as a, " Statement of True Faith" .
I thank you all for Praying for Peter.
Bob Olynyk


Dec. 6th. 2011 Father, we come to you in Prayer, for this young man below, as his Mother has asked us to help them with our Prayer Support.
The condition with "both" of Reuben's ears, is of a serious nature, that requires extreamly delecate proceedures.
It is our Prayer, that Our Father above , takes control of every thing that is done to Reuben, by the doctors.
That Our heavenly Father, place His Hands upon the doctors and His Direction, into the doctors decisions.
In the Powerful Name of Jesus, we ask this in Prayer, to the Only Healer of all man's ailments, Our Father Almighty.
Eileen and her family reside in, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.
Bob Olynyk


UPDATE!! Rosalinda, just notified me this evening, that the doctors have figured out that Maria is in a " Diabetic Coma". (Evening Oct. 31st./11)
October 31st. / 11. Urgent!
Folks, we have just received an "Urgent" Prayer request from a friend of mine in the Philippines.
Roaslinda Benitez-Costley, asks that we pray for her sister ; Maris Paz
Benitez. She is in ICU in the local hospital,
in Manila, the Philippines and doctors are not too sure about her health, but she is in serious condition. That's all we have at this point. They both live in, Manila, the Philippines.
Father, we gather now in Prayer, and ask that you intervene here and take over, where the doctors can not help Maria. We ask that , if it be Your Will, You Place Your Blessings upon, Maria, as only you can and spare her from this problem. Father, we ask that You take away her all pain and suffering immediately, in the name of Jesus, we pray, Amen.

PRAISE REPORT! "An Answered Prayer"...
At a concert, last evening, October 9th/11, I helped (guest singers), unload and set up their equipment.
I told them that this was totally insane, all this "heavy" sound equipment being manhandled by them. They agreed that it was but it was all part and parcel of their Ministry. I made it very clear that this would not last long as I was going to pray, heavy duty for new sound equipment and even named the brand. I did state that I would donate a light heavy duty fold up cart to haul this heavy stuff, which would not be around very long. We loaded up last evening and all went our ways.
Today, we met about 2 1/2 hours before the performance and the same thing, we discussed the bulky stuff that they had and that I was still praying and feeling that they would not be hauling this stuff for very long as they would get better stuff.
They stated that it would be nice but they did not have several thousands of dollars needed.
Well time to unload at the church and I hauled this awesome light weight folding cart that I had donated to them to carry all their gear.
The Pastor looked at it, (the cart) and was quite impressed with it and the fact that I had donated it to help carry the hundreds of pounds of sound equipment. I told her that I was praying for (guest singers) to get a certain set of sound equipment but as they could not come anywhere near buying it, I was praying that a Blessing would be delivered and soon.
Make a long story short. The church sound system was "exactly" what I was praying for, for the (guest singers).
Now this is Sweet, as it is a communication line between my prayer and God's delivering a message, all evening, the Pastor was being "tugged within" and at the end of the evening, you guessed it ...the church "donated" the sound system to (guest singers).
I explained to them, the importance and detail of the proper paper work that will allow them to cross the border. That is going to be done tonight and I'll check it tomorrow after church when we are going out for lunch.
I just started to cry and hollered Praise and Thanks to God for His fast answer to My Prayer in helping their Ministry.
Like I am still blown away at what God did so fast, eh.
My day and then some is truly made.
How's that for a testimony!
Thank-You Father, for Who You are and what You are; God All Mighty!
~ Bob Olynyk


From the time of conception until our earthly birth, we start a life to life sharing bond within the womb of our, oldest friend to be, while here on earth, our Mother.
As we develop within, many of our mannerisms will grow to match our Mother. These will later help guide our paths of life.
Just a few days ago, (Sept. 7, 2011), Alice Boudreau, was gently carried Home by God's Angels to be with her Lord and Savior.
Alice is the Mom to, Cheryl Heflin, of Apache Junction, U.S.A., our Blessed web-site designer.
Now, having never met her Mom, but working with Cheryl , over the years, as I have, I can well state the fact that Alice planted some deep roots of Love and Passion within Cheryl's being. Alice added onto the seed that God had placed within Cheryl. Based on Cheryl's mannerism, tells me all about her wonderful Mom, Alice.

Cheryl's Love for her Mom has always been in the forefront right along her Love for God and her Strong Faith.
Now with no more pain and suffering, sitting beside Our Heavenly Father, Alice has place settings at the Supper Table for her family, when Our Father calls them Home.
When we pass on, there is only a physical parting not a Spiritual passing. We never lose touch of our Loved One.
I ask now folks that you join with me in prayer and ask that Cheryl and her family be uplifted with God's Grace realizing that Alice is along-side Him and when needed, He will gladly carry them in their times of need.
These Precious Memories of the past will be their Treasured Stronghold Moments of the future.
May God Richly Bless You Cheryl, as you carry on life’s path with Your Mom, in your heart.
Bob Olynyk


Name: Phil Chavez
comments: Please Pray my soul mate has already been prepared for me and I have already been prepared for my soul mate.Pray GOD unites me and my soul mate together real soon.Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years. Prov. 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Please Pray GOD Blesses me so i can Bless others in every way every day of my life.Pray I can help people who are targeted by every kind of evil 100% of the time.Pray GOD Blesses me to be able to expose evil 100% of the time and evil will not be able to hide once exposed.Pray a hedge of protection around mind body and soul. Pray GOD overflows me with HIS Power, HOLY SPIRIT and Presence in my life. Pray the HOLY SPIRIT is so strong in my life that Satan and his servants will flee with terror because GODS presence is so strong in my life. Pray my body would be a strong vessel for the HOLY SPIRIT. Pray GOD causes Satan and those used by Satan great confusion when they come against me with their evil plans and Pray GOD sends His angels to to fight along side me when is happens.Pray GOD cuffs me in His Hand when evil comes against me. Pray GOD raises me light-years above Satan and those used by Satan to glorify GOD. Pray GOD heals my body completely.Pray all the people that have seen my Prayer Requests in past years will be reminded to Pray for my Prayer Requests again.Pray all the people who saw my Prayer Requests in the past years will have it put it in their hearts and minds to Pray for my past Prayer Requests again. In JESUS Name Amen.Thanks for your Prayers.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
It's a great privilege to be part of the family of God! And we appreciate each one of you! We are always united in our prayers and can bless each other! Thank you so much for all the prayers; an earnest prayer availed much.
As you all know my sister was feeling better after we visited her and my parents stayed on longer to help her out (but are back home in Canada now).
Unfortunately today we received another "sad" phone call that she was bleeding out of both of her eyes and needed immediate lazar surgery at the hospital. She is now at home recovering but stating that she can't see properly any more...
May we please ask all of you to remember my sister SYLVIA in your prayers for healing of her eyes! We appreciate it soo much and thank you all from the bottom of the heart!
We wish you a wonderful Sunday and God's blessings & peace.
With our warmest regards and heartfelt thanks,
Christine & Hermann


The Lord has burdened my heart during my trip back east to visit family. It's the despair in my daughter’s life, and not just hers but other young people in her life, as well as the son of a friend of mine, that is heavily weighing on my heart at this time.
My heart breaks for these kids, who have made bad choices that have had such a negative impact on their lives. I pray the Lord will open their eyes to their need of Him.
For my daughter and a young male friend of hers, it’s not just their bad choices and codependency on alcohol, drugs and prescription medications, but it’s the situations they are living in. Both are living with very violent and abusive parents, both emotionally as well as physically. Being told every single day, that they are worthless, a mistake and would be better dead, or being threatened to be killed by their abusive parent, can destroy any and all self worth, which indeed it has done to my daughter. Yet, they are emotionally not strong enough to get out of the situation they are living in.
What they need is to be loved, nurtured, and encouraged to be all they can be. And told they are loved, by parents as well as by God. But they don’t have that.
My desire is to do something to help them while there is still time. To bring them to Arizona and love them until they can stand on their own feet. Please be in prayer for this. I have been unemployed for two years and not finding anything in all my job searches. Our finances are nearly gone and we live in a tiny 3 room house. Pray for God’s will to be done. For God to open the door for a job for me, and hopefully a home for us with room for a few young people who truly need help if they are going to make it.
I got an email saying there is a 5 bedroom home on nearly 1/2 an acre for sale for just $48,000. That would be big enough to bring in a few kids/youth that need a good and loving home, where they can get stronger,and get some help to find a job, a car, and become healthy adults. There are many such homes here now for around that price, should God open the door for us to purchase one.
Pray that if this is God’s will, He will open the door for someone to help this to happen. At the moment, because of my being unemployed, and our loosing our home last year, there is no way we can get a bank loan for this, even though the payments would be less than our rent now. It is all in God’s hands. My husband works for himself but he has health issues now that make it very difficult for him.
This was not my idea at all, and I believe God has put this on my heart. My husband confirmed it when I told him what was going on here, and he immediately told me to get them to come to AZ and we will help them get their lives together. I know this will not be easy. We need your prayers.
Thank you for praying and God's blessings on you all. Ideas or suggestions? Email: wwjd777@live.com

Father, we come before You in urgent humble prayer for a family who reside in the Calgary, Alberta area. (May 13th./11)
Their 15 year old son, John, is raising pure trouble in every manner one could imagine; for his Mom, Angie, and his Grandma, Debbie, over a cell phone incident at school and extremely abusive words used.
The boy's father fuels his extremely rebellious nature, saying that,his son has the right to do whatever he wants! John has followed the same path of his dad and grandfather which is not a good one.
Nothing to date has helped, everything man has tried has totally failed, therefore now is the time of Truth.
You have always told us Father, "to hand over to you what we ourselves have tried to do yet things have not worked out ".
We surrender young John completely at Your Feet, Father, at the foot of the Cross, where You gave it all!
Man's words call this; Oppositional Defiance Disorder,...whereas your Word is simple, as You call this; "Rebellion".
Father, we pray that You, as only You can; take young John, Bless him, re-create him and uplift his is family, friends and those who care for him and that " Thy Will be Done". As the Alpha and the Omega, the Most High Creator of all we completely surrender him, in the name of Jesus.
Father, let us not forget the many thousands of other such families with similar issues and include them as well.
We Love You Father, Obey Only You Father and Through Jesus, we give Our Everything to You. Amen....Amen....Amen
Thank-you for Jesus. Now folks, for the millions of similar troubles, around the globe, such as this one; "let us join in prayer, as one"! As Our Father is awaiting us; I thank-you one and all, for your Prayer through Faith.
~ Bob Olynyk
Please note: The names in this prayer have been changed to protect the young lad and his family.


Folks, I have an "urgent" prayer request for ; The Arlon Peterson Gospel Singing Family, of Alamo, North Dakota.
As I personally talked to Arlon this evening, ( May 05th./11), he tells me that, they have had no hydro for over two weeks and may not have for another 3-5 weeks as they are fighting to save their flooded farm and home. They have 5-6 gas pumps, running 24 hours a day, pumping out their 3-4 feet of water in their basement and are in a " no-gain" position at present.
Not only for this family folks, but for all families and other people who are being hit with so many disasters in our world, I pray we ask our Heavenly Father, that lives be spared and that these folks, these thousands of people, place their Prayer through Faith, asking Our Father for all disasters to come to an end soon.
We know what the Bible clearly states, when the end of time is near; so for those who have not, now is the time to totally turn to Jesus and surrender all to Him. I'm not going to preach, but ask you all to Pray in Faith. Pray hard, Pray often and Pray with Faith in your heart. Pray for everyone being hit with heavy hearts, as they lose all they have. Pray that They seek God and Surrender to The Son, now. Not later today but now! Right where you are Now. They need us to Pray with them, they need God Now.
Thank you. God Bless you and Amen. ~ Bob Olynyk


We have a prayer request given to us, ( May 03rd./11), for John, who lives near Alonsa, Manitoba, Canada.
John fell off a scaffold and severely injured his right knee. Doctors are completely beside themselves as what to do for an operation.
John is about 61 years of age and a true man of God, John has, as I did, refused surgery and has given it all to God in Faith. Let us pray for this man who is in total surrender, to his Maker. " Faith Healing Does Work. You can take that to the bank"!
Father, we pray that you will abound Your Grace upon John as only you can do. Thy will be done.
As I always say, " They are the doctors, You are the Healer".This we pray in the Wonderful name of Jesus. Amen


Father, we are asking for an immediate cleansing and healing prayer for Michelle in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. This gal has just had cancer surgery and the doctors are not to sure if she is cleared or not. From Barrie, Ontario, Canada, her sister Ann joins us as we ask you Father to immediately have Michelle's body cleared of and reject all the cancerous and other infectious cells within . That you up lift Michelle physically, emotionally as well as Spititually. Bless her and heal her as only you can. We further ask that you give support to Michelle's husband Tim , their sons Steve and Shaun, her sister Ann and the rest of her family and friends. Doctors only treat us. We now give Michelle to you Father, as only you are the devine healer. Thank You Father as we pray in Jesus name, to which we all answer, Amen.


Father, we all know just how hard our world and satan can come down on us in various ways and means. Not only can things be tough for complete families, families with one parent or individuals, but church and political leaders as well. This prayer Father covers all those bases mentioned but in this case is directed to a single Mom, Kathern and her son Noah who live in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
Father, we pray that Kathern will very soon find a full time job with all the medical , life, accident insurance etc., all the coverage that she and Noah require. A job that will carry towards promotions and end with a good pension. Now Father, we thank-you for stepping into Noah's life last year and having him stand up for himself. We ask Father, that this young man be Blessed in his school work, his choice of friends and a rewarding future as he walks with you. We feel that this youth of 13 years of age will help us Minister to people of all ages, all around him from here on in.
To Kathern, Noah and all people in similar positions, Father we pray that Your Grace will Bless them all as they struggle to survive knowing that You will not let them down. As they pray to you through Faith we all know that you will answer, in your time. We thank-you Lord as we pray through the name of Jesus. Amen.


Father, we have an urgent call in prayer request( Friday Feb.26th/11), from Pastor Lowell in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, who asks that we pray for his parents health as well as their personal care. His Father Jules is 94 years and his Mother Donna is 88 years of age. They reside in their own home in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Father, it is the families prayer that a "full time live-in care giver" is found Immediately. For an quick response to this Urgent request, please contact; Pastor Lowell at lfethier@gmail.com. All people interviewed will talk to: Pastor Lowell and/or his immediate family. Father, as we have an urgent time prayer request here we ask that this prayer is answered by a loving care giver who is in need of employment, needs a home and is in or near the Oshawa area. A care giver, Father, sent by You to give loving care of two of your children, in need.
We thank You Father in the name of Jesus.


Folks, we have a prayer request for Steve and his wife Helen. These senior citizens live in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
Firstly, we ask Father that as the doctors cannot find her ailments, you place your arms around Helen and as you place your hand upon her head, her ailments are taken away immediately now and forever.
Also Father, we ask that as their family is in the process of locating a care home near Barrie, for these folks, one is found where they will be able to be together in one suite. A care home where they can meet, socialize, fellowship with others and appreciate Your Blessings upon their remaining years with You as their Rock.
Thank You Father for fine folks such as these two pioneers of history.
In the Powerful name and Love of Jesus, we pray. Thank You Father.


Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 9:52 pm
As some of you already know sad news came our way. My sister
Sylvia got very ill (living in France) and we are not sure if
she will be "pulling through". Therefore my parents and myself
will be leaving for Europe on February 22nd to visit her.
We would like to ask kindly if everyone could pray for:
My sister's healing (renewed strength) and salvation;My parents (as they are up in age); strength, comfort and health to travel, reaching out to my sister; Travel mercy safety & protection.
From the bottom of the heart we thank each and everyone for your
sincere prayers. It is such a blessing to belong to the family
of God! May the Lord bless and keep you all!
With our heartfelt thanks!! In Christ's love, Christine & Hermann, Elma, Manitoba, Canada.


Please lift in prayer the needs of Alice Boudreau, living in Massachusetts, USA, for fractured bone surrounding her eye as well as other serious health issues. She is 84 and lives in a nursing home and is on dialysis. Pray for the Lord to keep His hand upon her and for strength and wisdom for her caregivers. Thank you and God bless.


People, I have just received and emergency prayer request via a phone call.
We ask that you pray for Ollie, from Oakville, Manitoba, Canada. She has had three heart attacks in the last month and doctors have tried and failed four times to insert stints. For some medical reason, open heart surgery is not possible.
As I type this request, (Feb.6th./11. 10:30 a.m.), surgeons at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, Manitobe, are at a loss as what to do to save this lady. At 79 years of age Ollie was always healthy until this last year. Along with our prayers for Ollie we ask that you pray for her husband Arnold and their family. Let us all now give Ollie to our Lord and Saviour for His devine healing and blessings. Thank You Father for who You are and Your blessings be upon us.
Bob Olynyk

Folks, we ask that you pray for a 17 year old young man, from Barrie, Ontario, Canada, who has dreams of playing football, someday as a career. About 18 months ago Tim broke his ankle and has received medical surgery that has given poor results, and has only made matters worse.
We ask that the doctors remove all the metal, leave out any man made devices and let Doctor God heal him properly. I shared some precious time with Tim today, (Feb.01/11), as well as his Mom, Bonnie. Now, we further ask that God Bless Bonnie at this time as she is at a crossroad in life that needs direction, which only Our Father can give. She knows God so when He touches her heart, we pray that she will be clearly uplifted and know what she should do.
Lastly, we ask that Our Father touch Bonnie's husband's heart as well. Only God can touch a non-believer and Bless them into knowing Him.
Bonnie, Tim, as we shared time today, I thank you for the Blessings you guys gave me. I saw you both being uplifted, which also picks me up. God did that. I was His messegner. Wow, what an awesome God. We give Him the Glory!
Now, with your deep Faith and belief in Our Father, Tim, God "Will" heal your foot, you will play football.
Bonnie, listen clearly to your heart. God will direct you. Just be cautious that satan does not try to divert you.
Now, keep an eye on your husband, as God is now working on him right now, as I prayed for all of the above.
God Bless. Bob Olynyk

Folks, here we are again, with an urgent prayer request for a lady who is already on our list below. I have just received word today, (Jan. 25th.2011), that Mona, from Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, has been involved in a serious accident while dis-embarking from a ferry in Vancouver, British Columbia.
According to the report I have, the ferry crew started to allow automobiles to offload "before" all passengers were off and clear. Mona was knocked down by and ran over by a semi-trailer. She has a crushed leg, face injures, a bad gash on one leg, an open wound to her head, along with other body injuries. After emergency surgury, doctors were able to save the legs and say that Mona will be laid up for up to four months. I can directly relate partially to this, as in an accident, I badly broke my foot in two places on Dec. 17th./10 and will be tied up until possibly April /11. Mona's Mom and sister flew from Manitoba to Vancouver to be with her at the Lions Gate Hospital.
If you have not seen the other prayer request for Mona,(below), she was to fly to Mexico at the end of March for an operation for her M.S.
I always say that God has things happen for a reason. I pray that whatever His plan is for this gal, that she keep hold onto her strong Faith and let Our Docto,r Father God, do whatever it is that He has planned.
God is good and Mona knows that. Hang in there girl. You have a lot of people praying for you and Our Father is listening. She is a fighter!

Folks, we ask that you please pray for Alice, in Massachusetts, in the U.S.A., as she is suffering from kidney problems as well as other health issues, and is on dialysis 3 times a week and now she has Alzheimer’s. She is having a procedure done on Thursday (Jan. 27th), and there may be complications. She is nearly 84 and not very strong anymore. We ask that God place His hands on her and do what no other can do, that we will accept whatever His will may be and that we pray to Him, in Faith, and through the Wonderful name of Jesus. Amen.

As I always say folks, "God always puts us in places where He wants us to be" and for a good reason!
Today, (Jan.11th./11), while I was at the Barrie, Ontario, Canada, hospital, I met a happy, wall to wall, smiley face 10 year old gal and her mom.
Now, Sam, (Samatha), and her Mom, Dianne, live in Barrie and are hoping that doctors can figure out just what is wrong with Sam.
We ask folks that you pray that God will direct the doctors to exactly what the problems are with her stomach and whatever digestive issues there may be. She needs God's touch as soon as possible! We all know that He is the True Healer.
Sam, as I said to you, " If you truly believe that God will heal you in every way, then pray through Faith to Him ". Give Him all your burdens. He will always answer your prayers, in His time.
Sam's goal is to become a Barrie city police officer. For this we pray that she will always remember that we are all equal in God's eyes, and should be the same in ours.
Further, we pray that she always act from the heart and ask : W.W.J.D., (What Would Jesus Do).
Remember Sam to pray for Our Father to watch over you before you carry out your duties.
May God Bless you and your family, always.
Your friend,
Bob Olynyk
p.s. If I ever get a ferret, I may call him Constable Sam or Officer Bandit!

Sometimes people, as many of us can attest to, will watch an illness fall upon someone so fast, that our heads will spin.
On day four of my holidays, I broke my foot which has delayed me for 2-4 months and cancelled 95 % of my holidays.
God needed me right here, right here, where I am stranded, to help the following people in a critical time. Thank-you Father.
We ask prayer for Vern, who lives in Barrie, Ontario, Canada as he has been hit hard and fast with either Alimers or Dimentia, plus posible multipul mini strokes. Doctors are not sure yet.
This day, ( Jan.11th./11.), was not a good one at all, but God has me right in the middle of this issue and I thank Him for that. We had to rush Vern to the emergency.
Our prayers are for him, his wife Lillian, his children and family in Canada and Jamacia, who are all praying for Our Father's intervention. We have put him in God's hands. Pray with us that the doctors understand the directions that God gives them and follow them.
Thank you all. Bob Olynyk

Lastly, I ask folks, that we just pray in general, for the other people, I talked to while at the Barrie, Ontario, Canada, hospital today, (Jan.11th./11.). In the 10 hours there was, the mom with three little ones, Micheal , the loaner, ( we are never alone man, God is always near), the two gals beside me, and the all the others. You all know you are, as we shared some great time together. Thank-you all for sharing with me. I await your notes on the guest book.
Wherever you are in your walk through life and as I asked of you, today; join us for support; listen to the audio of the KJV, under the Bible section, ( Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) and to hear how much God Really Loves Us, His Children; join me on Inspiration Corner and listen to: God's Love Letter to Us" it is powerful!
Again, God had us all there, today, for that period of time, to share. For this and all the Blessing He pours upon us, I Thank Him.
Thanks. Bob Olynyk

Again folks we come to in prayer for a Christian Gal in need.
Mona is a lady in her late 30's who is scheduled late March 2011, in Mexico, for the insertion of the neck stints for the M.S. treatment. Mona would appreciate our prayer power people, ( this includes you all), to pray for her healing as well as the huge costs incurred. (over $20,000.00, I was told)
Mona has had M.S. most of her life and was told by doctors years ago that she should be in a wheelchail at that point, BUT Her Faith has "walked" her thus far.
Issue here now is that her physical body is tiring out, she needs the direction, the power of prayer and God's immediate intervention.
Her Faith stands strong!
Mona resides in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. Bless you all for your prayer support,"God will Bless you all, richly"!
Bob Olynyk

Please keep our brother, Bob Olynyk, in prayer for a badly broken foot that happened while he was visiting his family for the holidays on Friday, Dec. 17. We also ask that Bob would be sensitive to the Spirit`s leading as to his future work and ministry as the Lord may be using this broken foot to redirect him. Lord, protect and heal and comfort our brother and guide him in his ministry and in his work. In Jesus name. Amen. ~ Cheryl Heflin

We come to you fine folks again with a Prayer request that has been ask before, on this site. We have it for the one gal, now we have it for two.This request is for two sisters now.
These two Christian gals have doctors just still don't know what it is, but that it is slowly and painfully taking them away from this life. I personally know these gals and have, along with their mom, given them to God, for He will do for them, through our Faithful prayers, what no man can do. Amen.
Margaret and Mary, live in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.
God Bless. Bob Olynyk

Folks, I was just talking to Chester today, (Dec. 13th./10.),down in Oakland, MD., U.S.A.
Chester is in need of some fast prayer as he is going in for surgery shortly for his gall bladder and also needs surgery for a tumor in his kidney.
The doctors are not too sure if there is cancer yet or not. He is being scheduled for tests, as I now type here.
Let us all, lift up our hands to our Faithful Father, healer to us all, and ask that He take over control of the doctors who are going to be operating on Chester. That He place His hands on the doctors hands and that Chester be alright. Whatever be His will, we will not guestion!
We also ask that you give Isolena, the strength to stay by Chester's side, as they walk through this trial, together.
Thank you Father. Amen. Bob Olynyk

Folks, it is with complete shock that I come to you for your prayers.
A long time friend, Allison, has just been found to have cancer, throughout her body. (Sept. 24th./10).
At this point, nothing looks good except that God has a plan and we are ready to accept whatever it is.
I personally have, as a close friend, let go and have given Allison to God. He is the Alpha and the Omega and the Author of Allison’s "Book of Life". Only He know the ending!
I ask that you pray for Allison, her husband Bernie, and the three boys as well as their whole family.
Allison and most of her family live in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, area.
Thank-you Bob Olynyk

Our prayers go out to Jeannette, from Amaranth, Manitoba, Canada, who’s Mom passed suddenly away, Saturday, (Aug. 28th.) as Jeannettte was performing at a Gospel Music Festival. Our prayers go to the whole family as well. This family consisted of: 15 children, 63 grand children, 89 great grand children and 3 great great grand children. Their Love for God is awesome and He has Blessed them all, in His way.  Wow. Thank you.

Folks, I have just received word, (Aug. 13,/10), that one of our Gospel music singers, Mary, has just been released from the hospital.
Mary had surgery for colon cancer and the doctors feel that she should be alright.
We ask that you pray for God's intervention, and by His grace she be "totally" cleansed of any and all toxic infections cells. Glory be to Him on high, for He blesses us always, Amen.
Mary and her husband John live in Lavenham, Manitoba, Canada.
Thank you for your prayers. ~ Bob

Folks, we have a prayer request for Jerry in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.
His wife Judy, family and friends pray that the newly installed heart deliberator does its job properly and that his pains withdraw.
That his heart accepts the mechanical device. With less than 25% of his heart properly operating, we ask that God continues to Bless Jerry now and always as He has in the past. Amen
Thank you. ~ Bob Olynyk

Another prayer request is for a 52 year old gal in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Her name is Laurie and her mom Ollie and step-dad, Arnold ask us to pray for a miracle .
Laurie has been diagnosed with cancer in the back of her head and behind one lung.
She is presently being treated in the Health Sciences Centre, in Winnipeg.
We ask for Gods Blessing and Grace be placed on this gal and that his intervention take place as to His will.

Thank you. ~ Bob

Folks, it is with earthly sadness that we announce the passing of Nola today, ( May 02/10).
Nola was called Home to the Supper table at 10:00 a.m., with joy in her heart and her Family by her side.
Father, we know that You have a mission for Nola beside You and we wish to thank You, from the bottom of our hearts for sharing her as a Loving Sister while with us on earth.
Nola was born with a smile, always had one for every person she met with and had that same smile when she slipped away, Home.

Thank You Father. Thank You.


Nola memorial

Thank you Nola and to Dave her husband for all the people they touched and uplifted over the years. They showed a lot of folks just who the Lord was and what He could and would do, if you invited Him to be your rock.
Now I ask that we all pray and support Dave and the family as they carry on with this same mission in life. We are Family in Christ. We are One. Amen. For those who wish to support Dave, (who is self employed), his address is: Dave Roulette, Lot 418, Vet. Memorial Road, St. Laurent, Manitoba, Canada, R0C 2S0 I thank you all in advance for your prayers and support in whatever way your heart speaks to you . God Bless you one and all. ~ Bob Olynyk

Here folks, we have a Christian named Denis from South Africa who wrote us this prayer request. We have taken this out of his letter to us: comments: i'm a musician and i need your pray i want to grow spiritually and i want that my ministry have to shine,to be full of bible knowledge and i want also peace of mind. i'm from DR Congo and now i live south Africa without a nice document so i want to right in front of authority establish here on earth by God and right too in front of God. Amen.I ask that we pray for this man's request.
Thanks. Bob Olynyk

People, I ask you join us in prayer for Rebecca and her two young children, who reside in Alberta , Canada. For years, this single Mom has been fighting the battle of Satan's drug and alcohol curse. As she is loveingly supported by friends and family, she strongly Loves her Heavenly Father for carring her one day at a time for the last number of "dry" years. This Gal radiates as she speaks of how great her God is to her. Let us pray for her daily battle as she Lives  for Him .
Bob Olynyk

Let us pray people, for T.J., who in her latter years struggles with a financial miss-doing, done to her. This widow, who lives in Alberta, Canada, was robbed of her retired savings through no control of hers, but the ignorance of others. Thanking our Father daily, this beautiful lady knows only too well that God "will not" forsake her whatsoever and as the sparrow, lets God lead her on His path. We ask that God give her a special Blessing that will lift this heavy burden.
Thank you. Bob Olynyk

I ask that we pray daily for the health and finances of Judy and Albin, of Alberta, Canada. A major heart attack has put this self employed man and his family, into a financial problem. Slowly increasing, his health as allowed him to go back to work, but we still need to pray daily for God to Bless them in His special way, in health, finances, and that their walk once again be nurtured.
Thank you. ~ Bob Olynyk

It is with Loving emotion that I ask for your prayers of support for two of my friends. Pastor Gene and his son, Pastor Kevin, of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. Gene's wife / Kevin's Mom, Pastor Dorthy, passed away last evening. ( Feb. 22nd.2010.), after many years of suffering with liver problems. This Lovely Lady, lived for her Lord, her family, her church and her friends. We will all miss your beautiful smile, soft voice and caring heart Dorthy ! She is now a Pastor at Home.

Heavenly Father, I come to you in a state of deep sadness. People all around the world are witnessing the massive destruction of the Hatie earthquake. As I personally know people there as I write this prayer request to you. I ask Father that you lift up the survivors, ease their pain, give support to the families who have lost someone or can not locate someone, give strength to the volunteer workers who are working endless hours, and to have mercy on those who are still alive and buried. Bless them Father. I ask everyone reading this prayer request to join with me and let us all pray as one around the world . Let's pray through our Faith, that our Father will spare many more lives and unite many more families and friends. We know God full of Love and Mercy and Listens to Prayer. We Thank you Father for who you are. We Love You Father for what You have Blessed us with and we Know Father that You will hear our prayers and have Mercy. We pray to you Father, in the Mighty Majestic name of Jesus. Amen and Amen.

Please Pray for: This web-site Ministry, Pray that I Truly Follow My Father's Pleasure and Do Not Go "My Way". Pray that whatever messages He sends to me, I Understand and Carry Through, to HIS Glory ! HE Is Such an Awesome Father, We Give Him Full Praise! Amen. Bob

Please Pray for Kendra, 13 years old, she has a cancerous brain tumor, which can not be operated on. She has been fighting this for over a year now! Also pray for her Mom and Sister, in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

Please Pray for Mary B. as the Doctors try to figure out what is taking her down so quickly . This is Serious. Pray for her husband and family as well. They reside in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

Please Pray for Devon H. in High River, Alberta, Canada, who Loves God but Needs Inner Love for Himself, Encouragement to realize that All people are in need of Help, Love and Support, We are All Weak Alone and We are Not to punish ourselves for being perfect, as We Never Will !

Please Pray for Andrea. This Gal has a load of critical issues. Too many to name. She has been fighting for her life for many months now. Prayer through faith has God moving on this Gal! Andrea was out of the hospital for a short time and is on the road of God's grace where she is being blessed! Andrea's home is Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

Please Pray for Kathy K. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who's under severe arthritic care on a new program for healing. As of Aug. 09, Kathy has about 95% of her arthritis cured! Now, what the doctors could not do for 23 years. God did this in 2 1/2 years, with prayer through faith and natural products! Thank You Father !

Please Pray for Judy S. of Leduc area, Alberta, Canada, who has a hearing disease and is losing her hearing Fast. Pray for restoration of hearing and for strength for her and her husband.

Please Pray for Denise, Pray that God will Stop the Progression and Reverse her M. S., to Toss the walker away and let her Walk Straight and Tall Again and Forever ! Also Give Strength to her husband, to stand beside her for support . They reside in High River, Alberta, Canada.

This section of the website is similar to a prayer chain.

We will accept and edit "prayer requests" of a critical/serious nature only. Due to the nature and amount requests submitted, please take this into consideration. We require: full name of sender, contact phone and email, full name and town, province, state and phone number of person in need of prayer. Email and phone number will not be disclosed on the site.

Remember, "He who does not pray when the sun shines will not know how to pray when the clouds roll in". "Seek the Lord while you can find Him. Call upon Him now while He is near." Isaiah 55:6

As brothers and sisters of one family in the Lord, it should be that without hesitation we all pray for each other as we are one.


Early in her singing times, Christine was given the title; The girl with "The Voice of an Angel". This was proven many times over as the years passed and Christine grew as did her audiences all over the world as well as her own radio program.
A lady with a deep Love for God, she always expressed her appreciation of her God Given seven octave singing voice that He Blessed her with, along with her ability to speak and sing in multi-languages and yodel to boot. Wow. The mountains shook!
From the first time you would hear, see, or meet Christine, the Warmth of God's Love would Shine upon you and the room or place you were at. Yet Christine was a plain and simple Gal, who appreciated what she had been Blessed with and wanted to share her all with everyone. As I saw it and heard from all who met Christine, "Yes she was truly Loved by all whom she met".
For years, we received emails to keep Christine on the Prayer Power page of this web-site, and we did. People would tell us, "This is Her page, you leave Her there ! (actually, we did not have to be told, we would have anyway, as it really was).
Now, in Tribute to Christine's passing on Saturday, late evening of May 19th. 2012, we will dedicate this Prayer Power page to the Memory of Our Friend and Sister through Christ; Christine Schuhmann, " The girl with The Voice of an Angel" .
Now, if you stay on this page a bit longer, you will hear chosen songs of Christine's, especially for this Tribute, which were selected by her husband Hermann. Also, if you so wish to order any of Christine's c.d.' or other material in memory of Christine, we ask that you click onto the "links" page for Christine's listing.
We Thank-you Father God for Blessing us all with Christine. A True Blessing in one person who impacted thousands of people with the Radiation of Your Love, in Every Way. As She gave Her all to us, now She gives Her all to You.
Until we meet again Christine, Sing For Our Father, sing for our families and friends who you are now with. We will join you at the Supper Table when our time is called and are anxiously awaiting your greeting us there.
Never to be Forgotten, you will Always Live on within me personally with the many fond memories of our friendship throughout the years and our shared Love through Christ. I will Never Forget You Christine. Until We Meet Again. ~ Bob Olynyk "The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

God's Answer to Prayer: Christine's Day of Celebration was May 26th./12. The weatherman's forecast was: Cold north winds
gusting at 40-60 kms.per hour, with rain, thunder and lightning, for the whole day. God's Blessing: Surrounded completely with rain clouds, the skies cleared up, completely, the winds subsided to a gentle breeze and the sun shown as warm as ever as we spent our last earthly day with Christine. To experience the day and the celebration of Life and Love; "You had to have been there".
See you at Home Christine. Love,"Everyone" :-)

Still looking for the perfect gift for Christmas? Here is one you will always cherish: A book about my beloved Christine Schuhmann - Dream Voice, with a CD and many photos, written in English and German. A book, that tells the story of a great singer with an angelic voice. Her life, her work, her love, her sorrows and her joys are presented in this book. The book reads like a novel, a fairy tale and at the same time as memoirs of Christine Schuhmann. The origin of the book is already heavenly nature. At the same time it is thought-provoking and makes you wondering what your mission in this world probably is. The book also includes an audio CD with a selection of songs that shows Christine's diversity in language (8 languages) and musically. By listening to the CD, the read and Christine are alive for a moment. Get this limited edition soon before it's sold out! In North America, the book can be ordered at CHS MusicStar Production, Hermann Schuhmann, email hermann@christineschuhmann.com and in Europe from the Author Susanna Borer in Switzerland, email susanna.borer@gmx.ch.

** NOTE **   Soon to be released, a C.D. of songs that Christine never was able to publically sing before her passing.
Also a Tribute Video of Christine, with " The Voice of an Angel",  Singing experiences all over the world.
Keep in touch with our web-site or Christine's web-site for release dates.
http://christineschuhmann.com/gallery/ (scroll down for the videos)

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Please direct your prayer requests to me personally: Bob Olynyk at bobolynyk@shaw.ca
Or, if you prefer you can mail your prayer request to: 224 Alison Ave., Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, R1N 0C2 ,
(no phone calls please)

Our prayer team leader: you guessed it, our Heavenly Father.

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