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Our Web-site Ministry Mission right from the Get-Go has always been to Spread and Share the Word of God through any and every medium possible.To inform people of the Awesome Love and Blessings that they will receive if they so chose to follow His Ways and Surrender themselves to Jesus, His Son.
This Broadcasting Life portion has been on the table long enough and God says that it is now the right time to reach out even further. God has assured us that now is the Blessed Time to; "Go Live and Broadcast" His Word to the world. We are delighted and excited as God has Blessed us throughout the years as we have Always tried to be Obedient to His Wishes.

This portion of the Web-site Ministry will be in five sections, all being a Ministry with-in its own:
Children, (12 yrs. and under), Teen, (13-18 yrs.) and Adult, along with; Home Broadcasts and Broadcasting on The Road.
Every linked site entry on this web-site has been carefully checked for Christian/Gospel Roots as well as being Interdenominational Based.
We will be adding more links and good stuff in the future.
Background/history checks are done on every entry to the site, prior to being approved.
We encourage you to email us via our "Contact page", for whatever reason, be it for Prayer, or to just let us know how this Ministry is or has helped you or someone you know. Your feedback is always appreciated. Good is that’s Great, if it's Bad, please be gentle with the wording :-)
Remember this people: "God Loves us all equally, bar none and will Lift Us all up in every way we need to be lifted. He Will Bless us with All our needs and as a Bonus, Guarantee Us Eternal Life with Him, if we Invite Him into Our Hearts and Lives". What an Awesome and Easy Deal, for Life Everlasting.
Now let us Join Together and Walk this miserable world as One Loving and Sharing Family, Under One Father, God Almighty".

Thank-you Father, for Who You are and What You are. You are the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. You are Our Father, whom we Look Up to for Our Eternal Life.
Thank-you for this web-site Ministry and may every visitor who stops by be Blessed in Every Way. Thank-You Jesus.
Bob Olynyk  ~  Your Site  Host. "The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

DISCLAIMER: We are not to be held responsible for any unauthorized/wrongly; audio/ printed /video, comments / statements in part or whole, shown by any of the entries / sites to which we carry or are linked to. Any copying of other copy-written material is not to be taken as being of our consent. We cannot, nor will we allow such actions.

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Children's Christian Radio/TV Ministry (0-12 yrs.)


An interview with Andrew

An interview with Robert

God is Always Blessing Us with His Wonderful Gifts. Gifts of His Eternal Love to and for us.
One of these is, His Gift of; "Children".
This section of Our Broadcasting Life is dedicated to the Wonderful World of Children!
I am always amazed and love how Young Children respond to questions and things about, God and Jesus. Their answers and expressions are priceless!
Our Prayers are that this carefully and specially selected Children's section, Opens the Blessed Doors available to all Children, showing and hearing what God Offers and that they walk in to Visit Him anytime, anywhere and for any reason of need.
Our God Will Bless them one and all, beyond their wildest dreams, with His Grace and Love! Thus opening their young hearts and Nurturing their Heavenly Planted Seed of His Love.



teaching God's kids


Bible Story Cartoons

kid explorers
Christian Kids

Christian Movies for Kids!

Smile of a Child TV


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Los niños cristianos de Radio/TV Ministerio (de 0 a 12 años.) 
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Stereo Visión

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Teen's Christian Radio/TV Ministry (13-18 Yrs.)

Welcome to our Teen Section of our Broadcasting Life page. The age group where we either lose our hair or our minds !
In all Honesty, I absolutely Love working with this age group as they pretty well have it all figured about God, Jesus, right from wrong and in most cases where they want to go in life. For those who are Christian Believers and Followers they express themselves in the same manner as in their earlier years but their Love and Understanding of the Ways of God's Desires and Goals for Life is a lot clearer and they can follow it a lot easier.
Their expressions thru music, singing , fellowship has matured and is shared with their fellow piers.
It is our Prayers that these Young Adults are given the respect that they deserve when Following in Christ's Leadership and be Blessed Richly from Above.
May this teen section of our site Bless You One and All and as You mature With God in Your Heart as, You Are, Our Future People !

Modern Christian Rock




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El Ministerio de la Radio/TV cristiano del adolescente (13-18 Yrs. ) 
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Adult Christian Radio/TV Ministry

Having gone through our carefree childhood years and our teen years with all fun and crazy thing we did to drive our parents up the wall, we now are realizing that life is not quite all peaches and cream!
We are now starting to see, there are tougher issues that are serious and many times we are left hanging, not too sure where to turn. What did Mom and Dad do? How did they handle this or that? How could they have done all this with so little?
Could their Belief in God, their Love for God and Their Faith have had something to do with their managing to carry on through life's problems?
As little children we hear of God in many stories. As we grew, we heard of true stories of how God had Blessed and Created things that we now see and completely understand. We are now realizing the real things in life and how to cope with them. We should by now also realize that "no one" can, nor should they try to carry the world on their shoulders alone.
We as adults, are to Always; Learn to Fellowship, Give from the Spirit Within, Love Through Our Faith, Share from the Heart, Support where Needed and Spread God's Word to the World with Everyone. Remember, we Are of One Family.
We are to live for and to Surrender Only to, Our Father God All Mighty. As adults, we are to guide, help and nurture our young teens and with them, reach out to show Positive examples of Life to the children. We have an Awesome, Beautiful, Forgiving, Loving God, Who has offered Us Everything in Life that we will ever need. As Adults, we are to Obey God Wishes and bring our future generation people to Him, thus Allowing them All to Accept the Offer of Life Everlasting, through Jesus, the Son of God.
May We All be Blessed as We Seek and Share a Close and Lovingly; Father-Child Relationship With Our Father-"Our Dad"- God. Amen





Christian Web TV 

Exciting and Loaded with thousands of free Christian, games, music notes, song lyrics and the list is endless.

The New Shine FM


Byron Fester - owner
24/7/365 online radio ministry
linked to other gospel stations. 
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada 



3 Angels Network
24 Hour Teaching
English and Latino



Pastor  Fred  Matz Family Ministries    
Radio  Broadcasting  24/7/365
Main Studio: Box 4252, Winter Haven, Florida, 33885, USA,
Prayer Line:  I-(863)-307-3828  
Email:        Web-site








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Adulto Ministerio Radio / TV cristiana
* * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * *

Saludos a nuestra familia española. Oramos para que usted tenga la bendición como compartimos la Santa Palabra de Dios a través del compañerismo, la música, la Radio y la televisión. Ojalá que este sitio web Ministerio alcanzar y tocar su corazón espiritual como Dios Bendice su familia, sus necesidades y sus deseos. Para la inspiración, visite nuestra página Inspiración esquina y la Biblia página para una versión de audio. En la oración, enviar sus peticiones de oración para nosotros en la página de contacto. Disfrute de nuestro "sitio web Ministerio y de compartir con todos nosotros.


 Tao Por El Mundo Radio
La voz de El Tao por el mundo

 540 Radio Zion - XESURF Internet
Christian Spanish from Tijuana, BN, Mexico



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Home Broadcasting - Radio/TV

For God's Glory, We Proudly Present to You:
Our World Wide Internet Radio/TV Interdenominational Christian "Aired" Ministry.
These broadcasts will be aired/recorded/staged: from within our Ministry "Home" studio, in Manitoba, Canada.
These radio/TV airings may consist of:
Live, taped interviews/programs, live or taped telephone interviews/programs etc., read/written material of various Christian based authors/programs etc. Any concerns/comments/issues/suggestions, related to any part of any program, may be addressed to me personally at Please include "all" necessary details.
Please put: "Broadcasting Life Comment" in the Subject line. It is Our Mission to "Show and Share" God's Offering of Eternal Life To Everyone, Simply By Their Allowing Jesus Christ Into Their Hearts and Living Through His Word in The Holy Bible.
All The Glory For This International Web-site & Radio/TV Ministry, Goes to Our Heavenly Father God Almighty and none other. Amen.

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Broadcasting On The Road - Radio/TV


For God's Glory, We proudly present to you:
Our World Wide Internet Radio/TV Interdenominational Christian "Aired" Ministry.
These broadcasts will be aired/recorded/staged: from various locations locally as well as in-travel abroad to various events/interviews/programs, worldwide, be they within studios/churches/private/public facilities or outdoors wherever. The world is a sharing studio!
Any concerns/comments/issues/suggestions, related to any part of any program may be addressed personally to: with "all" the necessary details included.
Please put: "Broadcasting Life comment" in the Subject line.
It is Our Mission to "Show and Share" God's Offering of Eternal Life to Everyone, Simply By Their Allowing Jesus Christ Into Their Hearts
and Living Through His Word in The Holy Bible.
All the Glory For This International Web-site, Radio/TV Ministry Goes to Our Father God Almighty
and none other. Amen.

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