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Watch for the Love Bug... You "Will" Get Hooked !

~ Bob Olynyk ~

"The Canadian Christian Cowboy"

Where else can you go, alone with family or friends, sit back, lay on the grass, relax in your vehicle and enjoy a Christian atmosphere? A place where children can jump, hide, play or whatever there is to do in the wide open, (Gods' Playground) in a cozy big tent or in a converted steel building.

No matter where we travel in our Christian web-site ventures, we are exclusively here to share with You, God's Word through various musical events, festivals, programs, Christian movies, shows etc., and we go wherever God leads us. These are moments in life where you will experience by; feeling, fellowship, hearing, seeing and sharing, the Wonderful World of God's Never Ending Blessings in store for each and every one of us.
We here at Gospel Music Festivals, Truly, Hopefully and Prayerfully Pray that this God Driven web-site Ministry will uplift you one and all and Bless You above your wildest dreams.
"Get into God Now and have God Get into You", He's Waiting! Experiencing Life with Him within you, can't be beat. I can assure you of that. I Promise this; The road may not always be without pot holes but, You will never be sorry you made the move. Roses have thorns but they are beautiful, non the less.
Join me now, travel with me, venture with me as your guide to where God leads us to, would you?
Come, enjoy, be Blessed, as we tour God's Wonderful World of endless Blessings in life and "It's free" for the asking.
Ready-set-Look Out Lord, Here We Come!


I am sure that you will be Blessed one and all, as you join us in attending these events. (I personally attend most and try for all. I am bugged you see).

You will greatly expand your Christian Family as you will meet and grow closer to a lot of new people of all ages, Oh, What a Blessing!

Over the years, I have traveled, (as many of you have, I'm sure) to Gospel events across the country...WOW...has God ever blessed me with a pile of Christian and Non-Christian brothers and sisters. (We are working on the "non" ones).

From the biggest city, to the most remote native reserve, we all come to praise Him! No matter what our skin color is, we blend into one loving heart. Awesome you say, yes I reply because He is the Love Bug! (Now you can put the bug swatter away)!

Our Heavenly Father is with us, as we fellowship with Him through song, play, music or whatever we do as we spend this time together as His Family. If you are hungry for the Word, not to worry, you will be fed! Good old country, classical, blue grass, down south or just plain old fashion stuff from song, to music, to plays and the list goes on. Rain, snow, sleet or hail will not stop the good times, floods have delayed us though!

Always keep in touch with us on this web-site as we try to display any changes as soon as we get a call or an email. There are times though that, we do Not get any information with respect to any changes.
This is why we strongly suggest you call ahead if weather of whatever, may be a factor.

Thank you for taking these few moments to read and review the site. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at bobolynyk@shaw.ca

Before I close may I ask but one small favor to you? Would you help us by passing on the Festivals schedule, either through email, verbally pass on the website, or make copies and pass out to people or hang up on event boards? This would be your way of helping us to spread His Word!

Thank You!
~ Bob Olynyk ~ MC, Promoter, and Web site Host
The Canadian Christian Cowboy

~ Note ~

This is a Copyrighted website and contains Copyrighted material. There is no reproduction of any portion allowed without written permission and a written reply by both parties.
Letters of request may be sent to: Bob Olynyk, 224 Alison Avenue, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, R1n 0c2
or email: bobolynyk@shaw.ca

We do allow and encourage persons to: Broadcast, (Radio/TV, Public Address System), photocopy, print for church, personal, public or any other means of sharing with the general public, THESE SECTIONS ONLY: Events section, the Festivals and the Links sections. They are not copyrighted material. For the reason that you will be sharing the Lords artists as they share their blessings with us all!

Now it is time for all to go to their own section of the web-site.
Children: "His Little Children"
Teens: (you guessed it) "Teens"
Adults: The "For Him" section is for you.
Now take the tour.

I tip my hat to:

All the event organizers/workers, (hundreds), who put in thousands of volunteer hours for the Lord. All donators/sponsors; who give to assist with some events, (Please, support these companies/people). You, who are following the Lord, or are looking for Him.

Bob Olynyk - Website Host
"The Canadian Christian Cowboy"









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